Passions Update Tuesday 3/19/02



Passions Update Tuesday 3/19/02

By Suvi

Ethan is thinking hard. He tries to determine the real personality of Mrs. Julian Crane. Rebecca and Ivy call an uneasy truce as they decide to team up to bring Theresa down. Ethan gets bad news for the scheming women. Ethan and Gwen grow closer as they take a stand against their intriguing mothers.

Whitney tries to get Theresa out of staking a claim on Julian Crane's fortune. After Whitney convinces Theresa not to fight with Rebecca and Ivy, Theresa comes up with a new proposal to make everybody happy.

Charity's birthday is coming and Grace and the kids begin planning a birthday party for her. Kay is very hurt by her mother's attitude towards Charity. The scheming teen fumes over Zombie Charity's nice-girl act and suddenly Charity wants to get back with Miguel. No matter what it takes. Miguel is happy to have his "Charity" back.

Tabitha and Timmy fear Zombie Charity will succeed in making love with Miguel. If that happens, Miguel will die.

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