Passions Update Monday 3/18/02



Passions Update Monday 3/18/02

By Susan

Eve and TC

Eve and TC are getting ready for bed. Eve thinks TC did it. Eve wants to talk about Julian's murder. TC says that Julian ruined his life but that doesn't mean that he killed him. TC is happy that Julian didn't hurt Eve. Eve (to herself) that Julian did take so much away from her.

Sam, Grace, Kay, Miguel and Charity

Grace gives Sam brochures to plan Charity's birthday party. Grace is upset with Kay for taking advantage of the situation between Charity and Miguel. Kay and Miguel walk in. Sam and Grace talk to Kay. Kay wants Sam and Grace to admit that they only care about Charity. and not Kay. Sam tell Kay that she is wrong. Charity (Zombie Charity) says that she would love a birthday party. Kay wants to know what Charity is up to. Charity says that Kay knows what is going to happen. Kay says that Charity can't have sex with Miguel. Miguel walks in and Charity kisses him.

Tabitha, zombie Charity, and Timmy

Tabitha wants to know what Timmy is doing. Tabitha asks if he is trying to help Charity. Timmy avoid Tabitha's question. Tabitha says if he messes with the scroll, zombie charity could end his life as a boy. If Zombie Charity would have caught him then she would have killed him. Tabitha tells Timmy to stop because Zombie Charity will have his scalp. The scroll show Charity and she asks for help. Zombie Charity comes back and wants more martimmies. She creates more and then drinks from the pitcher. Zombie Charity says that she fixes Theresa and that she wants to have her way with Miguel. Tabitha says a mortal can't have sex with the spawn of hell, it would kill him. Zombie Charity says that's perfect. Charity tells Timmy to use the book of spells and then says that Miguel is in Danger. Zombie Charity says she is going to go put the moves on Miguel. Tabitha says that Kay can be a little dangerous but zombie Charity is not afraid of her.

Brian and Diana

Diana wants the memories of her lover to stop. Brian says to give it time and they will go away. Brian says the memories will fade. Diana wants to know how she knew the step during the tango. Brian doesn't know how and says that it was a family secret. Brian say that his mom has only taught him and his brother the step. Diana thinks that Brian's brother could be her lover, but Brain doesn't think that it's possible. Diana says that his brother sounds like a jerk, Brain says that his brother is a great guy. Diana asks if Brian and his brother are similar, Brian doesn't want Diana to meet his brother (the competition).

Ethan, Luis, Pilar, Rebecca, Ivy, Theresa, and Julian

Luis tells Pilar that the Cranes must have goodness in them because Sheridan was good. Pilar want s to know why Theresa wants the money. Ethan tells his mother, that he doesn't believe that Theresa wants to be Mrs. Crane. Rebecca say to think again, Theresa would do anything. Rebecca say s that Ethan was caught up in her Ms. innocent act. Julian tells Theresa that Pilar will grow to accept the money. Julian says Theresa has to choose be rich with Ethan or be poor and alone. Ethan defends Theresa to Ivy and Rebecca. Ivy wants Ethan to talk to Theresa about being Mrs. Crane. He says he'll do it but he doesn't think it will work, Ivy does though. Rebecca and Ivy can't believe how devious Theresa is being. Julian tells Theresa that she needs to stay focused and she will get Ethan. Theresa goes downstairs and Pilar asks her if she prayed. Theresa says she is not backing down and that she is Mrs. Crane. Theresa can't give Luis back his life for all the hard work that he has done to support the family. But Theresa just wants to help the family with money. Theresa says nothing is life is a sure thing, so why not just take the money. Pilar wants Ethan to talk some sense into Theresa. Ivy says she's the real Mrs. Crane. Rebecca says she's ready to fight for the fact that she's the real Mrs. crane. Ethan and Theresa sit down to talk. Theresa tells Ethan that she is not backing down. Ethan asks if there is any other reason that Theresa is doing this besides the money. Theresa says that she is doing this for justice. She then asks him to leave. Ethan calls Ivy and says that Theresa won't change her mind. Ivy calls Marty and tells him that they have to play dirty.

Music is playing and Theresa, Luis, Ivy, Rebecca, TC, EVE, Pilar, Ethan, Brian, Diana all dream about what they were doing the night that Julian was murdered.

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