Passions Update Wednesday 3/13/02



Passions Update Wednesday 3/13/02/

By Susan

Theresa, Pilar, Sam, Miguel, Eve, Whitney, Rebecca, Ivy, Zombie Charity, Kay, Whitney, Chad, Simone, Sam, T.C., Ethan, Gwen, Tabitha, and Timmy at the Seascape

Rebecca demands Cheif Bennett to arrest Theresa for the murder of Julian Crane. Everyone is confused. Theresa denies it. Pilar says Theresa wouldn't hurt anyone. Eve, T.C., Ivy, and Ethan all flashback to the night Julian disappeared. They allwanted him dead. Pilar wants to know why everyone is quiet. Whitney, Chad, Ethan and Simone come to Theresa's defense. Rebecca tells everyone about Theresa's past lies. Ethan says he knows Theresa and that she's innocent, if charges are pressed, he will defend her. Zombie Charity ask why Ethan always is so noble.Ivy says she would never allow Ethan to defend Theresa. T.C. doesn't believe that THeresa killed Julian. Rebecca says she could have done it. Pilar slaps Rebecca for insulting Theresa. Pilar asks why Rebecca waited so long to say something about the murder. Sam asks her for proof. Rebecca says she saw Theresa talkingto herself that night outside the cannery with a gun and she walked inside and then Rebecca heard a gunshot. Pilar says that Therea was not the only one who was upset with Julian or who had a gun. Rebecca's gun was the one missing a bullet. Rebecca says she didn't do it, why would she. She wanted him alive so she could sue him for breach of a verbal contract. Sam wants to know why she was at the wharf. Rebecca says that she was just taking a walk and that she heard a sound, an electric wheelchair. Ivy said she didn't kill JUlian but that she did hear a voice and it was Eve's. Eve said she was there to talk to Julian about his and T.C>'s fight. Whitney and Simone defend their mom. T.C. says Eve has nothing against Julian and that anyone who killed Julian did a good job. T.C> said that they should drop the case. Sam says he can't. Rebecca says Theresa has the biggest motive. Gwen grabs her mom and tells her to quit accusing Theresa because Ethan will just defend her more. Theresa says that Rebecca is lying. Ivy thinks that Eve did it. Simone apologizes to Chad for her family and that she doesn't believe that he spike Whitney's drink. Tabitha and Timmy want to leave and beofre they do Tabitha wants a lobster. SO she steals it and then is stopped but the manager. They get into a fight and the lobster ends up biting Tabitha. Then more fighting and the lobster ends up biting the manager's nose. Tabitha and Timmy make a run for it. Chad questions T.C. about his and Eve's whereabouts the night Julian disappeared. Chrity tells Kay and Miguel that Theresa could be guilty and kay apologizes to Miguel about Charity. Miguel is thankful for a friend like her. Rebecca wants to know why Sam isn't investigating the murder. Sam says he'll find the murderer, no matter who it is...

Luis, Hank and Beth

Luis is patroling on the dock and Hank wants to know if everything is ok. Luis is upset about Theresa wanting to live the high life as Mrs. Crane. Luis says he has had better days and that everywhere he goes he sees Sheridan. He's very worried about Theresa. Hank tells Luis that he knows he has to help his family but he shouldn't put off the rest of his life to do so. Hank tells Luis that Beth still has feelings for him. Luis says he knows but he's not ready. Hank says Luis need a good push in the right direction. Luis finds a carving that he made for Sheridan. He says he'll never forget her. An Alarm goes off in the distance and he goes running. THe Alarm is coming from The Boat Cafe. No one is there and then all of a sudden, he sees a person running down the stairs. Luis throws the person across the room and it turns out to be Beth. Beth says she was called by the alarm company to check the Cafe. SHe then offers Luis a cup of coffee. Luis is rambling on about how much he is worried about his family, Beth can't get a word in so she just grabs him and kisses him.

Brian and Diana

Brian and Diana are on the beach. He tells her his life has changed since meeting her. SHe starts shivering and says she is cold because of the water, Brian says he just has to warm her up. Brian says he will build her a bonfire to warm her up. Brian and Diana enjoy the fire. Daian says she's not good at anything. Brian tells her she will find something that she is good at, then he point out a constellation named Diana. She thinks it's beautiful. Brian tells her he's tired but he can't sleep because he promised Liz that he would finish painting the room. DIana tells him to take a nap and she will wake him. Brian runs into the room looking for Diana, who is covered in paint. Diana finished painting hte room as a thank you to Brian. Then he suggests they both get washed up at the beach.

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