Passions Update Tuesday 3/12/02



Passions Update Tuesday 3/12/02

By Amber

Brian and Liz meet in the hallway, and she confronts him about the painting not being done. He tells her that with all the help that he gave Diana, that he couldn't get it done. Liz tells him that she needs it done because it is their busy season. He tells her fine and that he only had one left. Brian goes in and starts painting. Meanwhile, in her bed, sleeping, Diana has a dream about her love and she tells him to come to her. As her love walks out, she sees that it is Brian and wakes up. She gets out of bed and goes in and talks to Brian. He  asks her why she is not sleeping and she tells him that she couldn't. She asks him why he is  painting now and he told her that he didn't have time before. Diana realizes that it was because he was helping her with her waitressing and starts helping him. He  tells her that she doesn't have to, and she tells him that it would be quicker this way and that she is doing it anyway. As Brian turns, Diana stands there and stares at him, realizing how incredible that he is. As the painting progresses, they begin to have a paint fight and get paint all over each other. When it is all said and done, they are covered in paint and decide to go get cleaned off.  Brian has an idea. They head down to the beach and take a swim. As they are drying off, they notice how much they are attracted to each other.

In the restaurant, Theresa makes an announcement. She says how much everyone has helped her. She gives special thanks to Rebecca and Ivy. She announces that the whole dinner be put on her bill. She wants it billed to Mrs. Julian Crane. Pilar and Luis try to convince her that she doesn't need the Crane money, but she won't listen. She knows what she has to do. Ivy and Rebecca are confronted by Theresa, who tells them to get packing because she wants them out of HER house by tonight.  She explains to them that she is the legal wife to Julian and that they have no chance. Rebecca decides to go to the bathroom. On her way, Gwen tells her that all this time they were trying to destroy her and she is the one that is winning. Zombie Charity tells Tabby and Timmy that everything is going as according to plan, and that she needs to spice it up a bit.  She gets up and walks away.  Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Rebecca hears a familiar voice; it is Julian. He tells her that she is the only one that he ever loved and that he is going to help her by telling her who killed him.

In the hallway, Chad talks to Whitney, telling her that with the things that Theresa is doing, maybe she is doing it to get Ethan back. Whitney tells him that she will only push him further away.  They argue again and then she tells him that her parents are perfect. Chad argues that her father has a temper and she retorts that her mother is perfect. In the other part of the hallway, Luis sees a picture of he and Sheridan and starts to feel sad again.  Hank comes in and tells him that he has to get over it.  He says that he knows that, and that he is trying; he didn't know that the picture was there. Just then, Beth walks in and announces that Hank invited her there for a drink.  Then Luis tells them that he has to go because he is on duty. He leaves and apologizes.

Back in the dinner hall... Ivy starts having a hard time breathing. Ethan calls Eve over and tells her that his mother can't breathe.  She checks her and tells her that she isn't going to help her switch the tests, no matter what she says. Ethan confronts Theresa and asks her why she is being this way.  He tells her that she said that her marriage can't be real because she doesn't remember getting married.  She agrees that is true, but also that she is his legal wife because they were married.  They made love on their wedding night, no matter who she thought that it was.  Grace and David walk in the park.  They see John and Jessica walking together, and Grace notes that they are bonding well.  She asks him if he is really her son, then she tells David that she knows in her heart that John is her son.

Rebecca comes out of the bathroom and announces to everyone that she knows who killed Julian.  She says it was Theresa and that she needs to be arrested right away.

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