Passions Update Monday 3/11/02



Passions Update Monday 3/11/02

By Susan

At the SeaScape, Everyone is town is arriving.

John, Grace, David, TC and Sam all arrive at the same time. Eve asks David if he is ready for his secret to be revealed. David asks her if she has ever had a secret that should never be revealed. Eve has a flashback of being in bed with Julian.

Whitney and Simone arrive.

Rebecca and Ivy just sit back and watch everyone arrive. Rebecca tells Ivy that she is on to her. Ivy denies it.

Miguel, Reese, and Jessica are excited about going to the Seascape.

Timmy, Tabitha, Zombie Charity, and Kay arrive as well. Timmy is afraid of Zombie Charity. Kay wants to make sure that Zombie Charity will help Kay get Miguel. Zombie Charity is excited for Theresa's arrival because Theresa doesn't know that Ethan and Gwen are inside have dinner.

Gwen Tells Ethan that it will take a long time to get over Theresa, that is if he really wants to. He says he has to, he needs to be in a relationship with someone he trusts. Ethan tells Gwen that he wants a clean break from Theresa. He also says that he really appreciates her friendship. Gwen tells Ethan that she will always be there for him. He tells her he doesn't know what he would do without her support. Chad went to say hello to Gwen and ethan. He tells them that he's working there now and that him and Whitney are over. Whitney yells at Chad because he told Ethan that her true passion is singing.

Theresa, Pilar, Luis, and Hank arrive, as well. Luis and Pilar tell Theresa that they are very proud of her for letting Ethan go. Theresa says she's ready for a nice dinner. Zombie Charity is ready for an exciting evening. Luis sees Ethan and Gwen and suggests going to the Lobster Shack. Ethan sees Theresa and suggests that they leave. Theresa tells Luis to tell Ethan to stay. She says it's a small town and they are bound to run into each other. Luis tells her that he's proud of her again. Luis tells Ethan and Gwen that Theresa wants them to stay. Ethan says that Theresa is acting very mature.

Kay invites Miguel to sit with her family.

Tabitha and Timmy say that the people of Harmony have no idea what is in store for them.

T.C. yells at Whitney for talking to Chad. Simone defends Chad. T.C. says that he doesn't want his daughters near Chad.

Zombie Charity comes to "her family's" table, she tells them that she wants to sit with Tabitha and Timmy. Miguel offers to sit with them, as well. Charity tells him no, shejsut want sto be with Tabitha and Timmy alone.

Miguel then says he's goingto sit with his family, KAy offers to come with him. Grace wants to have a talk with Kay in the Bathroom.

Rebecca and Ivy are forced to share a table. Ivy is ready to show Eve what she has in tha package. She's ready for Eve's past to haunt her. Ivy bribes the Maitre'd to play an audio cassette for her. Sam overhears Ivy talking to herself about the DNA results and questions her about it. Ivy tells Sam that she is upset about being accused of making up the story of David and John. SHe jsut thinks Rebecca is planting thought's into Sam's head. Sam tell her that if the results are negative then Ethan and Sam will never speak to her again, Rebecca likes to watch Ivy squirm. David tells Ivy that she looks Nervous.

Zombie can't hear what Theresa and her family are saying so she uses her magic to make a radio appear that can overhear what they are saying. Theresa is asking Miguel if he would do anything wrong to win back Charity's love. He says no.

Grace tells Kay that she is worried about her. Grace thinks Kay is trying to make a play for Miguel. Grace thinks Miguel and Charity belong together. Kay tells Grace that John and Charity are more important to her then she is. Kay wants to know why her feeling don't count. Grace said what right is what matters most. Kay says that she wants Miguel. Kay then goes to sit with Miguel's family. Hank asks Kay if it's ok to do something wrong if it means winning a lost love. Kay says it depends on if you are the only person who can make them happy. Zombie Charity is happy with Kay's response.

Chad plays the tape and it is a tape of Eve singing. T.C. loves the voice. Simone thinks the voice on the tape is Whitney. Whitney says it's not. T.C. thinks the voice is the same voice as the one he heard in Julian's library. Eve wants to hear a more upbeat song, so she goes to Chad to get him to change the tape. She asks Chad where he got the tape from. He says he likes the voice. Eve wants the tape back and offeres him money. Chad tells her to keep her money and gives her back the tape. she then ruins it and throws it out. Eve confronts Ivy and Ivy threatens her again.

Theresa's wants the restaurant's attention. She thanks everyone for their support and for teaching her. She wants to thank them by buying everyone dinner. She apolized to her family and thanks everyone again for helping her. She says Ivy and Rebecca have taught her so much about life. She says everyone there has helped her. So please bill her, Mrs. Julian Crane. The restaurant is shocked by this announcement.

Whitney yells at Chad again about how he played the tape to make her feel guilty about not singing. Chad tells her that playing the tape had nothing to do with her.

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