Passions Update Friday 3/8/02


Passions Update Friday 3/8/02

By Susan

Eve, Grace, John, David, TC, Ivy and Sam at the Hospital

Eve tells everyone how the DNA test is done. John says it's a waste of time, his dad is not working for Ivy Crane. Sam tells David to come clean and then he won't press charges against him or his son. He walks away. Eve tells Ivy that she is about to be exposed. Ivy doesn't think she will lose. Eve told her that she's not changing the results. Rebecca is suspicious of Ivy and Eve. Ivy receives a call from Mart, he says that he has a package for her. Rebecca follows Ivy. John tells David that he is proud of him. TC apologizes to Sam about putting the idea that David might be working for Ivy into his head. Sam says he hopes Grace will Remain strong. Rebecca follows Ivy, but she then loses Ivy because the wheelchair is quicker. Ivy gets the
package from Mart. She says that the package will make Eve do anything that Ivy wants. TC tells Rebecca that he was on to her plan about John and David. Eve performed the test. Grace is hopeful. Grace wants to go to Seascape for dinner with everyone. Ivy and Rebecca decide that they must go there as well.

Brian and Diana on the Beach

Diana tells Brian that she loves him, but she's not in love with him. She explains that she is happy that he saved her job. Brian offers to teach Diana how to be a waitress. Brian shows Diana some waitressing tips.  Brian gives Diana more tips on how to take people's food orders, how to hold a tray and how to be more likable. Diana kisses Brian and thanks him for all of his help. He then tells himself that she will love him one day.

Zombie Charity, Tabitha, Timmy, Theresa, Luis, Pilar, and Hank at the Lopez - Fitzgerald House

Zombie Charity, Tabitha and Timmy spy on Theresa. Theresa is confused about what she should do. Is it wrong to hurt innocent people to make herself happy. Luis, Pilar, and Hank let Theresa know how much she is cared for. Zombie Charity is afraid that Theresa will back out of the plan. Luis apologizes for not being there for Theresa. Pilar is proud of Theresa because she told Ethan that they both need to move on. Tabitha tells zombie Charity that maybe Theresa will choose her family's love over zombie Charity's plan. Luis wants to take Pilar, Theresa, and Hank to the Seascape for dinner. Luis says that Theresa
can confide in him about anything. Theresa asks Luis his advice about how to get your true love back, would he do anything?
Timmy says Zombie charity has a lot to learn about people. Pilar says that she would never do anything to get her husband back because doing something to hurt people to help yourself, opens the door to evil. Zombie Charity wants Tabitha and Timmy to give Theresa a different point of view. Luis says he might do anything to get Sheridan back. Tabitha and Timmy visit Theresa and tell her about a lost love. Zombie Charity is happy about Theresa's plan because it means that she is one step closer to ruling Harmony. Zombie Charity tells Tabitha and Timmy that Theresa has already opened the door to evil and mischief will be coming to Harmony. Evil is on its way to The Seascape....

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