Passions Update Wednesday 3/6/02



Passions Update Wednesday 3/6/02/

By Susan

Whitney tells Chad to leave, but he tell her to follow her heart. She says she can't and she likes her life. Grace tries to get the John's DNA test, but Eve is upset that she knows the truth that john is not Grace's son. John doesn't think the test is needed. ivy and Rebecca fight in the hospital over who is the real Mrs. Crane. They create a huge mess and cause a big disturbance. Liz wants Brian to help Diana with her job, he then saves the day again by making some angry female customers happy with some extra attention. Luis blames himself about Theresa's suicide attempt. Hank gives him a pep talk telling him that it wasn't it fault. Zombie Charity tricks Theresa again, Theresa tells "Julian" to leave her alone. Theresa goes to Whitney to talk and for some advice. Theresa tells Whitney that she signed her name in Blood to go forth with a plan to get Ethan back. Zombie Charity tells Timmy and Tabitha to watch everyone in Harmony because the plan will affect everyone. Luis tells Hank that Antonio came back during Christmas but he went away because he couldn't promise that he would stay. Sam tells David that he doesn't believe his story. Ivy tried to get Eve to change the DNA results, but Eve tell her to deal with the consequences. TC and Chad run into each other. Tabitha tells Timmy that if Theresa follows the plan the result will be horrific..... stay tuned!!!

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