Passions Update Monday 3/4/02



Passions Update Monday 3/4/02

By Susan

Luis is having flashbacks of Sheridan and when she disappeared, leaving Luis with the handcuffs that he put on her to make sure they could be together. Hank then asks Luis if he is really ready to move on. Hank wants to know what Luis is really doing; he spends most of his days just moping around. Luis says, I'm sorry - Iím just trying to get over the love of my life. He then says that he doesnít know how long it will take. Theresa's suicide attempt made him realize that he did have to move on. Hanks suggests moving on with Beth.

Diana is now working for Liz, on her first day she spills her drink on a customer and Liz says that Diana needs to get better because she can't just keep giving food away. Brian tells Liz and Diana, that Diana will get better once she has more experience. Diana asks Liz for a small break and Liz tells her that it's fine except she needs to get back before the lunch rush. Brian and Diana have a nice picnic on the beach and Diana takes a small nap and makes sure that Brian will wake her up before lunch. Brian agrees. Diana had her titanic dream again and dreams of Brian. The dream confuses her and she wakes up and realizes she has overslept. She runs into Liz and apologizes for being late, only they realize that Brian has opened the restaurant up and is helping the customers. Liz comments that she has never seen Brian in an apron.

Chad visits Whitney and he apologizes for not protecting her last night from someone drugging her drink. Whitney flashbacks back to kissing Chad and sheís embarrassed. She now thinks Chad thinks sheís easy. Chad said if he could find the person who did it, he will punish them himself, but he was happy about last night because it was the first time he saw Whitney happy. She finally showed him her true feelings; she had fun and didnít just follow her fatherís orders. Whitney defended her father and her family and said she loves her life, Chad said heís moving out and Whitney said donít go. Whitney says he canít leave because itís his home and he says no there is too much baggage. Chad tells her she should go with him because he knows she really wants to be a singing and he could write the music she sings. He tells her that they would make the perfect team.

Ethan visits Theresa, Timmy and Tabitha watch to see if Zombie Charityís plans will work. Ethan tells Theresa that he feels so bad that Theresa was so sad that she would ever contemplate committing suicide. Theresa thinks Ethan wants them to get back together but she misunderstood what Ethan was saying. Timmy thinks that Ethan and Theresa belong together. Theresa tells Ethan she has nothing and runs away from him to her room. She feels like she is losing her mind. Julian (Zombie Charity) appears in the mirror and tells her if she really wants Ethan back then sheís going to the wrong way about it. Timmy tells Tabitha he was to read the scroll because he wants to find out what will happen in the future. Julian tells Theresa to grow up. Ethan breaks open the door, fearing that Theresa will try to kill herself again. Gwen called Ethanís phone and they make plans for lunch. Then Ethan says he will not leave until Pilar returns, but Theresa tells him that she was a fool before and she has to move on.

Timmy picks up the scroll and hears a boyís voice and heís sad when he realizes itís his voice.

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