Passions Update Thursday 2/14/02


Passions Update Thurs. 2/14/02 --Canada; Friday 2/15/02 -- USA

By Glynis

Out in the snow, Miguel decides that he wants to check out the rock wall. He thinks that he heard voices there. Kay knows that he will find Charity if he goes and looks behind the wall.

Tabitha and Timmy are with 'Charity' in the cave and 'Charity' threatens them. She has their old powers and Tabitha’s old job. The demons in the basement didn’t think that Tabitha could do her job so they gave the job to 'Charity'. 'Charity' now has the job to destroy Charity and Miguel. Tabitha has been screwing up everything. 'Charity' goes over some jobs that Tabitha has screwed up in the past. She is going to destroy Tabitha and Timmy and she moves her hands as if she is doing a spell. "Prepare to die." They try to bargain with 'Charity' but she will not budge. "Tabitha will die." She tries to hit them with her zaps of fire. Tabitha thinks that 'Charity' can’t cause chaos in Harmony if she doesn’t know the history of the place. 'Charity' brings out a book and shows it to them. She has been studying up. Tabitha may be able to kill Charity and Miguel but not the rest. 'Charity' tells of what she knows of the others but that is not enough. Tabitha is sure that she will not be able to destroy the others without knowledge of their pasts. Tabitha tells 'Charity' that she is the one that has been keeping Luis and Sheridan apart. She has been the only one that was able to do that. 'Charity' will never know what Tabitha does if she kills her. 'Charity' decides not to kill Tabitha for a while since she should be able to help get rid of Luis and Sheridan. She has managed to buy herself and her doll some time. 'Charity' wants to know how Tabitha split up the couple. Tabitha tell 'Charity' that they were Anthony and Cleopatra back then and she had to stop them. She remembers way back then. It was the times of the Egyptians. Tabitha was there waiting for Marc Anthony. Timmy was there too. He was dressed as a little soldier. Marc arrives at the palatial home and Timmy stops him. Marc says that he is there to see his love…Sheridan is in her chamber waiting for Marc to arrive. Tabitha waits on Sheridan who is Cleopatra. Tabitha goes to a basket knowing that the next time that Marc lays eyes on Sheridan she will be dead. She opens the basket to reveal the snake that she has in the basket.

Brian is talking to 'Diana' and he is telling 'Diana' that her lover is not out there like she thinks. She was saying that her lover was dead and now she thinks that her lover is alive? 'Diana' is sure that he is alive. What if Luis is not out there? 'Diana' is sure that Luis is out there. He has to be out there. Every time that she has tried to give up on her love something has happened. She looks down and finds a rose in the sand. It looks like it washed up on the shore. That is a sign to her. "He is out there! I know that he is."

Beth talks to Luis and Hank and he is sure that he has found a clue that Sheridan is alive. Hank thinks that he is spinning his wheels. Sheridan wanted to be with Luis but that is not going to happen as far as Hank and Beth are concerned. Sheridan came to Beth and she wanted someone to help her make a book and now the book is made. Luis looks through the book. Sheridan made Beth promise to give the book to Luis if anything happened to her. Luis looks through the book. He tries to convince Beth and Hank that he really is going to see Sheridan again. Luis can’t explain where Sheridan is now. She has disappeared. This is the damdest thing that has ever happened but he believes every word of it. When Sheridan was a little girl she had a fortuneteller at one of her parties and she was told that she would get with Luis. They supposedly had previous lives together, even on the Titanic. Hank thinks that he shouldn’t have bought into this stuff. They had a love affair aboard the boat. The fortuneteller told them that they would always try to be together but that it wouldn’t work.

TC is on a rampage. He thinks that he saw Chad acting rudely with his daughter and he wants to kill him. The kids drag Chad off and Eve comes up dragging Whitney her. Whitney is drunk and she tells Miguel that he looks fine. She tries to come on to him but her parents pull her away. The man that gave Whitney the drug knows that the may kill her if he gave her too much of the drug. It will affect her heart…Whitney is acting erratic and flirting with the men. TC thinks that Chad got her drunk. Miguel tells TC that Chad didn’t get Whitney drunk. TC decides that it is time to take her home but Whitney screams that she doesn’t want to leave. Doesn’t matter, she gets dragged out by her parents…The kids know that Chad didn’t get Whitney drunk. Miguel notices that Charity is gone and he wonders where she has gone. Miguel tells everyone that he saw lights coming out of a rock and he heard voices behind there. Kay remembers the cave and she remembers being in there with the real frozen Charity. Miguel decides that they have to break through the rocks. Maybe Charity went for a walk and something happened to her. The kids all decide to leave to find Charity. Reese has a new device in the car that might help them.

The kids arrive at the big rock. Kay is behind them. Reese shows the kids his new device. It will help them get into the big rock. If they can get into the big rock, they can see if Charity is there. Kay knows that if they find Charity, her life will be over.

Chad is on his way home and he is all beat up. Simone reaches up to him and apologized for her father’s behaviour. No matter what he does, people think that worst of him. He even saved Whitney’s life and no one believes that he is a good guy. Simone says that she will tell her father the truth. He is not a street punk. She is sure that her parents will be sorry for the way that they have treated her. He leaves her there. Simone would like to reach out to him but he keeps walking. Chad knows that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt Whitney because he loves her.

Whitney is brought home and she is mad that she was dragged from the party. Eve can tell that her daughter is not behaving as she would normally. Whitney is tired of being the good girl all the time. She is going to start having fun. The thug that got Whitney drugged watches the family from the window. TC wants more information on who got his daughter this way. Whitney says that Chad is so hot and that she likes dancing with him. She gets up and prances throughout the room and into another. TC is going to rip Chad apart the next time that he sees him. Whitney can barely walk and she falls to the ground. The thug watching through the window realizes that he is the one that has made Whitney act this way.

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