Passions Update Friday 2/8/02


Passions Update Friday 2/8/01 --Canada; Monday 2/11/01 --USA

By Glynis

Chad talks to Whitney at the party and they discuss Theresa and how she knows that she can’t be with Ethan anymore. Chad knows what that is like. Whitney remembers Theresa telling her that she can’t let Chad go. She tells Chad that there is something that she would like to talk to him about…Simone comes to Miguel and tells him that Kay has been a true friend to him since the change in Charity. She says that Kay was the one that asked for the music so that Miguel could dance with Charity. Miguel thinks that is really cool. She tells how Charity punched Kay in the face when she set up Miguel to dance with her. Kay loves that this little tidbit worked out in her favour. Miguel thinks that Charity had no right to do the things that she has done…Timmy comes to Tabitha and tells her that he has to talk to her about something important. She doesn’t listen to him. She is about to talk to him but the little groupie that like him comes up to him telling him that the song is almost over and he has to get back to work. He leaves and Whitney tries to walk off but the groupie doesn’t let her leave. She would like to have a chat with Whitney…Ethan is grateful to Gwen for bringing him to the dance. He hugs her and Theresa sees that…Simone thinks that Charity shouldn’t get away with the way that she treated Kay. Kay thinks that Charity only lost her temper and the kids should forgive her for that. The kids are worried that Charity may go after someone else. Kay thinks that Charity is too sweet to go after someone else. Kay thinks that leaving her alone is the key. She asks her friends to keep quiet about this. Miguel thinks that she is a really good person and he hugs her…Tabitha smiles as she sees that Kay has turned herself into the heroine once again. She is on the way to breaking up Charity and Miguel for good. Timmy tells her that something weird has just happened. The weird copy of Charity told Timmy that she is in control and when she is finished, Timmy and Tabitha will be dancing to her tune. Tabitha doesn’t like that at all. They look over to 'Charity' and she blows them a kiss but her eyes glow red. Tabitha and Timmy run off from the party. 'Charity' knows that they can run but they can’t hide.

Grace and Sam go out for a walk and she is feeling better already. She is mulling over the idea that Ivy set up John to be her son. It is really a farfetched idea. So far everything that David has told her has been true, unless things have been falsified. Grace knows that Ivy can’t get to her because she loves her husband and he loves her. It doesn’t matter what the DNA tests show. That can’t hurt them. They have been through a lot and now they are right back on track. They have new lives and the worst is behind them. Grace pulls in her breath suddenly. She has a feeling that has washed over her. It is a premonition that everything is not behind them and that this is not all over.

Eve tells Ivy that she is not going to help her by changing the paternity results. Ivy is furious and tells Eve that she has no choice. Ivy reminds her of the affair that she had years ago with Julian. The baby that she had died and probably because of her drug use. Her name will be dragged through the mud. The entire town will hate her. She tells Eve that she will do as she is told or her life will be ruined. Eve still refuses to do as Ivy says. She will not do as Ivy says ever again. Ivy is not making an idle threat. Eve tells her to go ahead and tell TC the truth. Ivy feels that this is a bluff. Eve says that she doesn’t care anymore. Julian is gone and TC can’t kill him. She loves her husband and he loves her too. He has been honest with her about his past and she believes that their love can withstand this and they can get through anything. Ivy thinks that she is blowing smoke. Eve is tired of Ivy holding her past over her head. Eve has hated herself and tells Ivy to do whatever she wants. She tells Ivy that Ethan will hear about this and he will find out the lengths that his mother will go to in order to destroy someone’s life. She is an evil, senseless, conniving bitch and Ethan will have nothing to do with her. She has as much to lose as she thinks Eve does.

TC is angry and David can understand that. David says that he will do everything that he can to take care of Grace. She is really a good-hearted person. David is tired of the games and he wants Grace to be happy. She deserves that. TC thinks that maybe he has David all wrong. TC knows that this may have started out as a game but it seems that David is falling in love with Grace. Rebecca is listening outside the door and she cant’ believe that this story gets more interesting as time goes on.

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