Passions Update Thursday 2/7/02


Passions Update Thurs. 2/8/02 --Canada; Friday 2/9/02 -- USA

By Glynis

TC talks to Sam and Eve and tells them that Ivy is up to something. Rebecca has planted some ideas in his head and now he relates exactly what Rebecca wanted him to. She told him that Ivy has been probably using David to pretend to be Grace’s ex-husband so that he can confuse her and end her marriage. Also, she suggests that John isn’t really her son and some DNA testing should be in order. Sam thinks back to something but he removes it immediately from his mind. HE is sure that David is no threat to his marriage. All the evidence that he has been able to dig up has proven to be legit. TC is sure that this whole thing has been a lie to break up a marriage that Grace treasures very much…Rebecca listens to the trio talk and she can tell that soon Ivy is going to be toast. TC thinks that this all fits. There is more going on between Ivy and David and they are missing it… Theresa and Whitney are together and Theresa is sure that she has blown all her chances. She feels however that Whitney still has a chance with Chad and she should go for it. People walk in saying that Tabitha was dancing next door at the youth center. Whitney doesn’t want to go over because she is sure that Theresa is only getting her over there to see Chad. Theresa sees that there is still hope for Whitney and Chad. She shouldn’t’ be so negative. Theresa is sure that anything is possible when people feel the way that Chad and Whitney feel for each other.

Ethan tells Chad that Theresa wants a second chance. No matter how many chances he gives her she still needs more from him. She didn’t tell Ethan the truth about Julian and he can’t live with that. It hurts like hell to end things with Theresa, but this time it is over…Tabitha and Reese are dancing up a storm on the dance floor. Reese is really taking a beating and Tabitha proves to be more to handle than he thought…Timmy goes over to a beautiful young woman telling her that he was the one that taught Tabitha everything that she knows as far as dancing goes…Kay whispers to 'Charity' another plan that she wants acted out to win Miguel…The dance is over and Reese can barely stand up after she is done with him…Chad is playing the music when Kay comes over to ask him to play a slow song for Charity and Miguel. She says that she would like to do a partner switch during the song so that Charity and Miguel can end up dancing together. Chad is only too glad to comply. Chad announces the slow dance song and 'Charity' grabs a guy and starts dancing close with him. Miguel sees that and wants to leave. Kay grabs him to make him dance with her. She tells him that she was the one that asked Chad to put the song on. She did it for him. Miguel appreciates that. What would he do without her? They move to the dance floor near where 'Charity' is dancing with some other guy…Tabitha and Timmy see that 'Charity' and Kay are up to something. They don’t know what is going on, but it is going to be good…Gwen is sorry that she forced Ethan to come out to the dance but Ethan thinks that going to the dance was a good idea. He asks her to dance and she is only too happy to comply…The couples are dancing on the floor and Tabitha and Timmy watch. She knows that Kay is after something and up to something. Timmy is upset that Charity has been hurt by all this…Chad makes the announcement and the couples are told to switch. Charity turns and finds Miguel beside her. She reluctantly dances with Miguel. She tells him that this dancing is lame. He likes dancing with her. It has been a long time since they danced like this. She wonders if he is selfish or stubborn and maybe that is why he will not take the hint that she doesn’t want to dance with him. He tells her that he loves her and will always be there for her…Timmy doesn’t understand Kay letting 'Charity' dance with Miguel if she really wants him. Tabitha knows that Kay must have something really great in mind.

David is in Ivy’s room and he scolds her for taking advantage of Grace’s kindness. Ivy thinks that Grace is a fool. David refuses to help her further, but she threatens him again with losing everything. She tells him to get out. He leaves her room and she feels a pang of pain after he is gone.

Rebecca hears someone coming from upstairs and she hides. It is David and he stands at the top of the stairs and listens to TC telling Eve and Sam that it is time to have a DNA test to prove exactly who John is. David knows that they are on to Ivy and her time of sneaking around is short. He goes back to David’s room to tell her that her plan is blowing up in her face. She is in great pain. He tells her of TC’s story of what is really going on. He tells her that they are talking about him being a fraud hired by her. Ivy can tell right away that Rebecca is behind this. TC tells her that a DNA test is being planned to learn if John is really Grace’s son. Ivy says that David has to stop this. David is fed up with these lies and hurting Grace. Ivy tells him that he will ruin any chance that he thinks he might have with Grace if he doesn’t do this. He knows that but he doesn’t want to be a home wrecker.

Sam doesn’t think that he can ask Grace to have a DNA test to prove that John is her son. TC thinks that they should do this. Grace walks in and demands to know what all the talk is about John not being her son. TC tells her that he believes that Ivy has been scheming behind their backs. Grace reminds them that Sam has checked out everything and everything has worked out. How could Ivy do this? She is in too much pain. Although, she wasn’t in pain when David first came to town. Grace doesn’t believe this. There is no proof that John is really her son and Sam would like her to take a DNA test. Grace refuses to take the test. She tells TC that he has anger with the Cranes and that is making him say outlandish things. David appears behind her and TC thinks that he is someone that could give them the truth. Whatever that is.

Ivy gets her robe on and is intent on finding Rebecca to make her pay for what she has done in trying to get her busted for playing a scam on Grace. She gets in her wheelchair to go and put things back under control.

TC questions David and Grace stops that questioning. Rebecca comes to the doorway to listen. Eve thinks that they should find out for sure if John is really her son or not. Grace is willing to take the test and prove that John is her son. Sam needs hard evidence because he is a cop. That is going to eat away at her. They are going to find out once and for all that Grace is really his mother. Will David object to a DNA test for his son? David has no objections but TC still thinks that he is bluffing. Eve offers to make the arrangements to have the test taken. TC thinks that this will prove that David is working for Ivy.

Theresa and Whitney arrive at the youth center for the dance and Whitney sees Ethan dancing with Gwen and suggests that they leave. Theresa turns her head and sees what Whitney sees…As Miguel and 'Charity' dance, 'Charity' realizes that she has been set up by Kay and she marches over to her to set things straight. Kay says hi to 'Charity' when she comes over but 'Charity' just slugs her dead in the face.

Ivy comes to the top of the stairs and she sees Rebecca looking in on the group below as they discuss the paternity test for John.

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