Passions Update Wednesday 2/6/02



Passions Update Wednesday 2/6/02/-Canada; Thursday 2/7/02 --USA

By Glynis

Reese tells Simone that he is jealous of Kay being with him. He hates that Tabitha has cooked up the idea that Kay and Miguel belongs together. They are at a dance and 'Charity' is there flirting with some other guy as Kay dances closely to Miguel. Tabitha and Timmy are at the dance and they discuss the events of the dance. Tabitha warns him to stay close to her side and enjoy the show. Tabitha is happy that Kay has come up with this spell. It has worked like a charm. Timmy feels sad about the way that things have been going. It is a good thing that Tabitha has been able to get Charity and Miguel to stay apart or they would be making love all the time and jeopardizing Tabitha’s existence. 'Charity' is really putting it on as she dances with John and Miguel can’t seem to stop staring. Suddenly, he feels that he has had enough and he leaves Kay to go tearing over to 'Charity' and John. He gets 'Charity' alone and tells her that he is always going to love her and not Kay. 'Charity' tells him that he has a problem because she doesn’t want to be with him. She tells him once and for all to leave him alone…Timmy can see that the duplicate of Charity is not really working for Kay…Kay goes over to 'Charity' and asks her to come for a private talk.

Theresa is outside with Whitney and she can’t stop thinking of times with Ethan. She tells Whitney that she has seen Ethan in Gwen’s arms and she knows that now it is finally over for she and Ethan. Whitney tells her that she had better start thinking of that baby that she is carrying because that person is going to need her a great deal when he or she comes. Theresa has to admit that she is in fact happy about the baby. Theresa has to learn that it wasn’t the baby necessarily that ended her relationship with Ethan, it was the fact that she lied to Ethan again. When will she learn? Her first mistake was scanning the pages of Ethan’s paternity. You only get one life and you have to do things right.

Grace would like to believe that Ivy has changed and believes now that Grace and Sam are going to stay together no matter what.

Ivy tells David that he will stay in town as long as she tells him to and he will do what she tells him. David doesn’t want any part of this. Ivy tells him that he is far too deep into this now. He knows that Ivy is truly evil. She tells him that he is far too into this to be judgmental. She reminds him that one day Grace is going to be a sad divorcee. David is upset because he has lied to his son about Grace being his mother. Ivy sees nothing wrong with that…Rebecca has been snooping throughout the house and she can’t wait for Grace to find out that David really wasn’t her husband and that John is really not her son.

Gwen is with Ethan and she is trying to help him get over his feelings. He feels that he was stabbed in the back and he can’t feel anything else. She wants to know what it was that Theresa said to him. Ethan tells her that Theresa wanted another chance. He couldn’t give her another chance. He still loves her and Gwen knows that Theresa still loves him too. She would like to know how he knows that he will not get back together with Theresa again. He couldn’t live with the lies that she told him. She had sex and got pregnant by Julian. How can he marry someone that he can’t trust? Forgiveness is different than spending your whole life with someone.

Ivy thinks that David should be on his knees thanking her for her plan. He hates her plans. They all involve lying. There is a knock on the door and it is Sam and Grace. David hides and they enter the room to see her. They are carrying a tea tray and Ivy beckons them in. Grace pours tea and is sorry that Ivy is in such pain. Ivy is touched by her kindness and offers to be company for Ivy if she ever needs that. Grace would like to apologize for the terrible things that she said to Ivy about her losing her baby. She loves knowing that she has John now. He is not a replacement of the child that she lost but he is going to put the worst night of her life behind her for the rest of her life. David can’t believe the way that Grace has been lied to and he continues listening. Sam leaves the room and Grace tells Ivy that she is as much to blame for the way that things are as Ivy was. She apologizes again for her part in things. Ivy forgives Grace and feels guilty for doing it. Grace wishes her nothing but the best. She hopes that Ivy finds the same happiness in her life that Grace has found with Sam.

Rebecca is trying to figure out the best way to expose Ivy and David to Grace and Sam. Suddenly she comes up with an idea. "This could be interesting."

TC and Eve are talking and TC is more than happy that Julian is not going to be around anymore. As far as he is concerned the house and all the Cranes could burn down for all he cares. Ivy would like to destroy Grace and Sam’s marriage and TC doesn’t trust her because of that. Rebecca has heard this exchange and that gives her an idea. Eve leaves and Rebecca comes into the room to talk to TC. She mentions that Eve must be very difficult these days. Rebecca says that she would rather eat worms than spend anytime with Ivy. TC understands perfectly where she is coming from. They seem to have something in common after all. She tells him that she walked in on a conversation about David and Ivy. TC heard a conversation like that too. It sounded like Ivy was threatening David. Rebecca is sure that something fishy is going on there. Rebecca suggests that Ivy is using David to break up Sam and Grace. David just burst into Harmony and claimed to be Grace’s long lost husband. What if Ivy hired him to break up Sam and Grace? Rebecca suggests that David and Grace get DNA testing to see if John is really their son. Rebecca decides to leave the room now knowing that she has laid the seeds for her plan. TC is left thinking that maybe what Rebecca has said is in fact possible.

Sam comes to Eve and TC and tells them that Grace is asking forgiveness from Ivy for the things that she has felt about her in the past. TC wonders if Ivy is really willing to give Sam up. What is David is really not Grace’s husband at all? Sam stops to consider this. What if David has been hired to play this role? Sam checked out the story and there is a marriage license. TC thinks that maybe that was fixed. That would take someone with connections. Ivy is the type of person that could pull this off and she would do this…Outside, Rebecca smiles to herself. "Bye-bye Ivy."

A girl comes over and asks Timmy to dance and he is only too glad to comply. Reese comes over to Tabitha and tells her that Timmy moves pretty well for a stuffed doll. All the girls think that he is just a living doll. Reese is sure that is exactly what he is…John wants to leave the party now. He didn’t know that Charity was a huge flirt the way that she has been. He is not going to stay and feed the fire anymore and he leaves. Simone makes the comment that Charity is like a whole other person…Kay has another plan for 'Charity' to follow. She whispers in her eat to let her know what to do next.

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