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Passions Update Wednesday 1/30/02/-Canada 1/31/02 --USA

By Glynis

Luis tells the story of being in the pool and seeing Sheridan again to Hank. Hank really thinks that Luisí mind was playing tricks on him again. Luis feels close to Sheridan again. He remembers them dancing together and she was wearing that beautiful dress. He really feels like he could reach out and touch her. Theresa is outside talking to Ethan. The poor kid. She is stronger than they give her credit for. Hank goes out to check on her. Luis is alone and wishes now that he could have one more night with Sheridan. The lights go dark in the house and he looks out to see the strange lights in the sky. The looks behind him and finds Sheridan in front of him and wearing the dress that he loves her in. She smiles at him and walks towards him. He asks her to dance and she moves into his arms.

In Bermuda, 'Diana' is hallucinating and she thinks that she sees Luis in the window. Brian, Doc and Liz are there and Brian looks at the window and says, "Oh my God." Brian can see someone in the window and he moves to the window to get the man to leave. As he gets to the window the figure that he sees disappears. Sheridan rises from the bed and walks out of the window and starts dancing but it looks like she is dancing by herself. Doc, Liz and Brian watch stupefied.

Theresa is asking Ethan to forgive her for what she has done. He canít do that. She lied to him about who his real father is and she marries another man and doesnít tell her about it. He believes that she is sorry but that isnít enough. She begs for another chance. She canít lose him when they are about to have the most wonderful time of their lives. Sheridan is dead and she is never going to have the time that she could have with Luis. She is afraid that she and Ethan are going to suffer the same fate if they donít try to work things out. She gets on her knees and begs him to forgive her. He leaves and Hank comes over to her. She tells him that she has lost Ethan. He canít get passed what she has done.

Ethan catches up to Gwen in the park after talking to Theresa and she is crying. She thinks about Luis being upset about Sheridanís clothes being taken out. She even feels bad for Theresa. All of the time that she cursed her she thought that was what she wanted but now she feels so guilty about all the things that she felt about her. Why does love have to hurt so much? Ethan hugs her.

Luis is dancing with Sheridan and he knows that she is going to leave him again. Suddenly the lights in Sheridanís house go on and Sheridan is gone. Luis starts shouting but it is too late again.

In Bermuda, 'Diana' stops dancing with her invisible lover and faintsÖBrian catches her and brings her to her bed. Liz and Doc think that they have seen the man that 'Diana' loved. Brian seems unable to believe all of this. Liz thinks that he canít let her be in love with someone else. The man that she loves is a dead man, but Liz thinks that he may not be dead after all. How do you fight the kind of love that they have seen that night?

Ivy wakes and Eve is over her. She gave her a sedative and it is wearing off. Eve tells Ivy that she saw the prescription for Ivyís other pain pills and she will be back in a moment. Eve leaves and David is asked to stay by Ivy.

Hank returns to Luis and finds him talking to himself. Luis tells Hank that he just danced with Sheridan. Hank tells him that he has to get some sleep so that he can get over this. Luis is looking outside at the sky and trying to figure out the lights. He is sure that they have something to do with him seeing Sheridan. Luis hears a voice. Hank hears nothing. Luis really thinks that he just heard Sheridan and that he is losing his mind. He is sure now more than ever that she is still alive. He canít explain it but he does believe that she is alive.

Brian comes back into 'Dianaísí room and watches her as she sleeps, knowing that she is dreaming of her lover.

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