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Passions Update Tuesday 1/29/02 Wednesday 1/30/02 --USA

By Glynis

Luis is telling Theresa and Hank that he was with Sheridan and he was in her arms. The lights go back on after having been out. Earlier Theresa thought that she saw Luis in the pool with Sheridan. They turn to the pool and nothing is there. Hank says that when he was pulling Luis to the side of the pool he could feel Luis in his arms but he really wasnít there. He was here but also somewhere else at the same time. Hank thinks that this stuff is getting too weird. They need a logical explanation. The lights that were out that night were blinding. Theresa was praying for Luis and Sheridan to be together and maybe she willed it. Theresa tells him again that Sheridan is gone and she isnít coming back. Luis has to wonder why he is having all these visions. Hank thinks that Theresa and Luis are both having mind tricks played on them. Hank would like them to look at all this in a logical way. It is time to leave the Crane mansion. They get up with Luis tailing. He looks at the pool asking, "Where are you Sheridan?" The 3 leave and the maid and a workman walk in. She called him because the lights were off earlier. The lights are on now so there is no reason for him to check anything out.

Brian, Doc and Liz find 'Diana' sitting on the beach soaking wet. Doc feels that she may have made contact with her lover on the other side. They pick up 'Diana' and take her home.

Ivy tells Sam about Ethan and how he brings light to her life. Sam knows that he is the only thing that lights up her life. She understands him being suspicious of her. She has done some terrible things in the past. She says that she knows that he loves Grace and is happy with her. She would like Ethan to be happy now. She wants him to be close to Sam and Grace. Sam would like that too.

Ethan and Gwen are at Sheridanís house and they go into a room to get something. Theresa, Hank and Luis enter because Luis wants to feel the presence of Sheridan. They wait patiently as he walks through the house. Soon, Ethan and Gwen leave the room with a box in Ethanís hands. Ethan and Theresaís eyes meet and they stop moving and just stare at each other. Luis sees that they are carrying Sheridanís clothes. Ethan tells him that her clothes are to be auctioned off for charity. Luis will not let them do this. He takes the box from them and puts it on a table. Ethan thinks that maybe they are doing this too soon. They can all see that Luis has had a rough night. Ethan and Gwen leave the 3 there. After they are gone, Theresa looks out the window and sees Gwen looking up into Ethanís eyes. Luis finds the dress that Sheridan wore to the youth party with him once. Hank can see that Ethan still has feelings for her. He tells her that if she thinks that there is a chance for the two of them, she should go. If she doesnít go and get him, he is going to walk out of her life forever. She looks out the window again and Ethan turns to look at her. Theresa comes outside asking to talk to Ethan for a moment. Gwen is patient to wait as he walks off with Ethan. Theresa tells Ethan that she wants him back. Is there any chance that they can ever get back together?

Luis remembers the night that Sheridan wore this dress. She looked beautiful. He would do anything to see her wear that dress again. He remembers kissing her in that dress. Hank watches his torment. Luis feels that she is out there somewhere and she is alive. The feelings are strong.

'Diana' is in bed and Brian is telling her to reveal what happened to make her run out like that. She needs her rest. Liz and Brian leave the room and Doc moves closer to her to check her vitals. She looks at the window and she thinks that she can see him walking into her window. He is dressed in a white tuxedo. She gets up on her elbows. "Tio!" Doc turns to where she is smiling at the window and sees nothing but 'Diana' sees that mysterious stranger that eludes her. She smiles like a crazy woman.

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