Passions Update Monday 1/28/02



Passions Update Monday 1/28/02 --Canada; Tues. 1/29/02 --USA

By Glynis

Theresa thinks back to her brother telling her how to behave as a good young lady for the family. She promised him that she would do her best and now Theresa’s life is in a shambles. Theresa should have listened to Luis. She did everything that her brother told her not to do. Julian took advantage of her mistakes. Damn him. Julian has played a lot of roles in her life. She thinks of him now as a bastard. Theresa is glad that Julian is dead. She wishes that he had died years ago.

'Diana' is having a dream and Brian is there. Doc and Liz come into the room and see that 'Diana' is in a state thinking about her lover and thinking that he has come for her. She is hallucinating with her eyes open. Brian thinks that this doesn’t make any sense. 'Diana' said that the man that she loved died long ago. Who can he come back? The candle in the room goes out and all wonder how that can happen. Brian thinks nothing strange about the candle going out. Sheridan suddenly shouts out, "Don’t leave! I have to find you." She gets up and goes running from the room and Brian, Liz and Doc run after her to see where she goes to find her lover. They all end up outside and they see some strange lights in the sky. 'Diana' has made her way to the water and she swims out saying, "I am here! I am here." She stops swimming treading water.

Luis is home thinking that there has to be a way for him to let Sheridan go.

Tabitha and Timmy talks to Miguel telling him that he should pay attention to Kay and maybe Charity will stop acting the way that she is. Miguel seriously considers this move. He goes over to Kay and tells her in front of everyone that they should consider hanging out together. He feels that this would be good for everyone. Kay is more than pleased with the results of her little scam.

Luis is dressed for a midnight swim. He goes to the pool and dips his hand in the water. He is at the Crane mansion thinking that Julian would be having a fit if he knew that Luis was going to swim in his pool. He goes to turn on the lights but it is not working. Must be a fuse out. Suddenly he sees some lights outside through a window. The lights are very strange. Must be a storm coming. Luis has to stop thinking of Sheridan and that is the point of this midnight swim. He takes off his robe and puts down his towel. He jumps into the pool and starts swimming. He stops for a moment and turns behind him seeing a figure that looks like Sheridan is the pool with him. "Sheridan?"

Liz, Doc and Brian follow 'Diana’s’ footprints and try to find her.

…In the pool at the Crane mansion, Luis swims over to Sheridan and they both kiss and are glad to find each other. They hug and suddenly, "Poof!" They are gone. The maid comes in thinking that she heard someone in the pool. She sees Luis’ clothes but she sees no one that would have worn them.

…Sheridan and Luis are transported elsewhere in water. They greet each other with kissing and hugging not caring about how they came together and where they are.

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