Passions Update Monday 1/21/02



Passions Update Monday 1/21/02 --Canada; Tues. 1/22/02 --USA

By Glynis

Gwen has a heart to heart with Ethan. She has everything that she wants now. Theresa and Ethan have broken up and she is free to have him but she is not happy with herself. She thinks that he was right to break up with her. She has missed him so much. She hasnít been with another man since they have broken up. She canít get him out of her head and heart. At New Years, she went to the country club and couldnít kiss anyone for the new year. Ethan is sorry for that. Ethan has missed her as a friend. It has been hard to include her into his life as everything has been revolving around Theresa. He didnít mean to let Gwen down. She feels that she should be the one that apologizes. She was angry and wanted to see Theresa fall on her face. Her mother wanted to see Theresa go down and Gwen was glad to see that happen. She wants to confess all the things that she has done. Ethan will not hear of it. Theresa had a choice and she chose to lie. He will not talk of her anymore. She would like to be his friend again but she would like to be open and honest with him. He needs someone like that right now. They hug.


Tabitha and Timmy are at the tuna factory finding out that Julianís jacket may have fallen into the vat. No one wants to report that his jacket was found in the vat. The workers want to keep thinks in check. Tabitha feels that she is going to have to be the one that is going to have to take care of things herself.


Grace is showing John pictures and they discuss the hatred and hostility that has been going on lately. It is no wonder that someone has killed Julian. Ivy and David are listening to this talk and Ivy too wonders who may have killed Julian, knowing full well that she could be one of the suspectsÖGrace thinks back to Eve saying that TC wanted to kill Julian and she wonders if TC could be the one that killed Julian or is responsible for him being missing. Grace leaves the room and Ivy is sure that Grace thinks that one of her friends was the one that killed Julian. David is sure that Ivy is the one that did it. He would like to hear her admit it.


Theresa is explaining to her mother that she didnít want to lie to Ethan but she had to. She would like to go to Ethan and explain everything to him. She will make him love her and she wants to make things right. Pilar would like her to respect Ethanís wishes and leave him alone. She has really screwed up this time. What has she done? Ethan is no longer hers. Pilar knows that she is hurting but sometimes it is necessary to be cruel to be kind. Ethan is gone and he is not coming back to Theresa.


Luis talks to Sam telling him that he felt Sheridanís presence strongly in the islands and he is feeling her presence there. He thinks that maybe she is haunting him. Maybe he is nuts. He has to put an end to this once and for all.


Brian and 'Diana' rush to get on with their trip to leave Harmony. 'Diana' remembers kissing a man on those very same docks long ago. She thought that Harmony was a key to her past but soon she realizes that she must have been wrong.


Luis goes to the docks and hopes that he can find SheridanÖ.


Ö'Diana' canít seem to get the pictures of the man that she loved out of her mind. Why does that keep happening?


Tabitha and Timmy goes to see Sam and she tells him that she found Julianís jacket and it was in the tuna vat at the Crane factory. She asks him what that means? Sam takes the jacket and looks at it gingerly.

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