Passions Update Wednesday 1/16/02



Passions Update Wednesday 1/16/02/-Canada 1/17/02 --USA

By Glynis

Liz finds 'Diana' and Brian and they both smell like fish. 'Diana' might have been having a memory of her past. She has been having a flash of herself seeing someone dead and thinking that she had killed him or her.

Rebecca is getting a drink in the house and she is wearing her fur. Gwen is waiting for her and wants to know where her mother has been. Rebecca is very jumpy. Gwen knew that her mother had her gun with her and she is glad to see her. She moves to hug her mother but she smells like fish. Rebecca says that she was out on the wharf and might have gotten some fishy smell on her. Gwen can see that something is wrong but Rebecca promotes that she is just fine.

Ivy is in the house in her wheelchair when Ethan walks up and visits with her. When he touches her she jumps. She thought that he might do something to Julian after hearing what happened to Theresa. Ethan says that Julian is dead. Ivy searches his eyes for the reason for that outburst.

Eve meets up with her husband worried because he was so angry with Julian. TC was home and woke up and found his wife gone. TC saw his father again that night and was full of rage. That is why he is outside. She hugs him and feels that he has a gun in his pocket. TC says that he brought the gun from home to confront Julian. Eve came back to tell Julian off for what he did to TC. TC is glad that she didn’t find Julian. They don’t have to worry about him anymore.

Theresa is crying in the snow when Luis and Pilar show up hearing her ask, "What have I done?" They want to know what she is talking about. She lies and says that she was talking about the pain that she has brought everyone. Luis tells her that this is not her fault. This is the fault of Julian. Luis assures her that Julian is never going to bother them ever again. Theresa sees the gun in the snow and nods her head in agreement with her family…Tabitha and Timmy watch fascinated at the developments of the shooting of Julian."…The workers for the Cranes come to see the shark tank and they hope that no one fell in.

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