Passions Update Tuesday 1/15/02



Passions Update Tuesday 1/15/02 --Canada; Wed., 1/16/02 --USA

By Glynis

Julian remembers a talk with Eve over her child and the affair that he had with her years ago. He is hanging over a pool of sharks by his arms and his life is going by before his eyes. "Please, someone help." One of his hands drops from the fixture in the ceiling and he is now hanging on by one arm.

The workers for the shark tank are lowering a chopper into the shark vat. Timmy is watching with Tabitha and they know that Julian is in there. Tabitha thinks that the whole thing is funny. So many people wanted a piece of Julian and now there is going to be more of him to go around. They watch as the chopper spins madly and lowers into the vat of fish to chop it up.

Pilar is looking for Theresa and she can’t be found anywhere. Tabitha is nearby and she puts a gun near where Pilar is standing in the snow. Pilar turns and sees the gun picking it up. This makes her think that this is a good time to stop her children from going to jail. She will stop this evil herself.

Ethan finds a gun in the snow and he finds a gun. He picks it up and puts it in his pocket thinking that he has found Julian’s gun. Good.

Theresa has a gun of her own and he holds it out in front of her as she goes walking by…Tabitha thinks that her work is done now.

Julian is running in the snow not sure where to go. It seems like everyone has a gun and is out to get him…Ethan searches the snow for him…even Ivy is out there searching in her wheelchair. Julian comes across the Cannery on his property and he goes running in there to avoid the others…Whitney thinks that they should split up and maybe Chad will find Julian before she does. He thinks that they should stay together…Tabitha thinks that they are too late. Julian is going to die that night…Ethan is in the cannery now. He tells himself that Julian is not going to get away this time…Pilar takes out her gun and says to herself that Julian is going to pay this time. "He will pay"…Luis is going to forget that he is a cop this time…Brian is there also and he is after Julian as well…Eve is going to make sure that Julian never hurts anyone again…Rebecca is going to get him for sleeping with that little tramp. Now she has nothing…Ivy has lived a living hell with Julian and now she is going to send Julian where he belongs…TC had his life taken from him and now he is going to take Julian’s…Julian finds a door and enters locking it behind him. He thinks that no one will think to look for him where he is. Those morons have to cool off. He walks through the room and hears noises. He thinks that he has been found. He hears meowing and knows that what he is hearing is only a cat. Someone is coming to the door and he hears the noise of it. He looks around not sure where to go. He thinks that he is trapped with nowhere else to go. He finds a ladder built into the wall and he starts climbing. Someone has found him and they aim their gun at him as he climbs the ladder. At the top of the ladder Julian looks down and sees a big pool below. He tries to calm himself. He walks along. He is at the Tuna Sterilization Unit. The person aims their gun again and shoots. He has been hit just above the heart.

Miguel is with 'Charity' and she asks him what is wrong. He is upset that she has been flirting with every guy for the last little while. She tells him that she has outgrown the relationship and she wants something more than a Disney movie and a milkshake. She is not going to get that from him. Kay watches and approves of the way that things are going. 'Charity' is serious and she walks from Miguel asking someone to drive her home. The kids are all standing around surprised at the way that 'Charity' is acting. Reese has a car and she enlists him to drive her home. 'Charity' leaves to wait at the car. The kids all come around Miguel, but Kay is the one that will make sure that he gets home. She tells him that she is sorry but she is there for him. Miguel knows that she is there for him. Kay hugs him. He tells her that he knew that he could always count on her.

Timmy talks to the Angel Girl and she assures him that he can save Charity. He is a real boy now and can think. The girl disappears and Timmy begs her to stay to help him but she is gone.

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