Passions Update Thursday 1/10/02


Passions Update Thurs. 1/10/02 --Canada; Friday 1/11/02 -- USA

By Glynis

Eve remembers seeing someone take her baby at the hospital. She was crying and banging on the window about it. She is sure that Julian was the one that took her baby. She is not going to let him get away with that.

Antonio is remembering how Julian destroyed his life and that is the moment when 'Diana' comes out of the boat to bring him a beer. He is sure that it is for the best that he not meet his family. Liz and Doc are there and they understand Brian not wanting to face his past. Brian tells the story of Julian and how he ruined lives. The world would be better off without him. Killing him would be a blessing. There are some evil people out there. Everyone has someone like that in their past. Liz and Doc leave to find a place to stay for the night. Liz has never known Brian to be this upset in his life. Brian only wants to get the keys back to the owner of the boat and leave town. Liz says goodnight to 'Diana' and she leaves with Doc. 'Diana' goes down below to get some sleep.

Theresa is being confronted about the truth and asked questions by the reporter that Ivy positioned there. They know that she is pregnant but that is not all. The reporter says that Theresa had an abortion that day. Ethan thinks that the man is sick. He grabs the reporter by the collar and threatens to start a fight. Theresa stands by and watches not sure what she should be doing. The reporter shows some pictures to the party. The pictures of Theresa standing in front of the abortion clinic. Luis sees the pictures and asks Theresa why she was there. Ethan remembers seeing her at the abortion clinic a few days ago over the holidays and he asks her if it were true that she was getting an abortion. He thinks that he was the one that put pressure on Theresa and that was the reason for her to get the abortion in the first place. Ivy sits there thinking that this couldnít possibly be happening. He thinks that she had to deal with this on her own. Theresa tells him that it is not his baby. The whole party hears what she has to say. "The baby isnít yours." She tells everyone that the baby is someone elseís.

TC has a gun and he is going to put an end to Julianís evil. Eve brings hi a drink and tries to make him relax. She has him in the living room at their house and TC wants to rip Julian apart. She has given him a pill and they wait for it to take effect. She sits next to him as he tries to relax. TC closes his eyes and seems to be out like a light. She talks to him but he canít hear her. She has to go but she will be back before he wakes up. She has to take care of something that is long overdue.

At the party 'Charity' comes on to some boys at the party and Miguel fights for her honour. She tells Miguel that he has been acting so weird lately. She is only doing what Kay asked her to do so that Miguel will be drawn to Kay who will seem more of a match for Miguel.

Timmy talks to the Angel Girl trying to find a way to get Charity out of the ice. He is stuck between two women that he loves.

Eve makes her way to Julianís house and she tells him that her husband is after him and Julian had better be good. Julian will not stand for this anymore. TC is going to prove that Julian is responsible for everything bad and Eve is going to help him do it. Julian warns her to leave and forget everything or she will be sorry what she digs up. She tells him that she saw the truth. She tells him that she knows that their baby was kidnapped from the hospital and taken away and he was the one that did it. Julian says that he is going to take care of things once and for all. He tells her to show herself out. He leaves the office and Eve cries wondering how this can happen. If Julian talks about the affair and the baby she will lose everything. She goes to Julianís desk and she sees the gun. She takes it in her hands and looks at it. She is not going to let him ruin her life again. Once was enough.

TC is having pain in his leg. He canít move it and he is dreaming that he canít move it. His father is in his dream telling him that his dream was wrecked the way that his life was. TC was never able to play tennis again. He was robbed of his lifeís ambition. TCís father was never the same and he died of a broken heart. His father shows him who was responsible for the dream being destroyed. They now have the proof. TC wakes. He didnít have the proof then but he thinks that he has it now. He will do what he has to do. He is going to make Julian pay for what he did so long ago.

Julian walks in as Theresa is being asked about the father of her baby. They all suddenly figure it out. "Julian". Ivy tells him that he has perfect timing.

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