Passions Update Wednesday 1/9/02



Passions Update Wednesday 1/9/02 --Canada; Thurs., 1/10/02 --USA

By Glynis

Kay and 'Charity' are at a dance and Kay has more trouble cooked up for her doppelganger.

The truth finally comes out, sort of. When Ethan hears the news he announces at the New Years Eve party that he and Theresa are having a baby. Ivy rolls her eyes and leaves the room.

Luis is on the Crane property looking for Theresa. He sees no one. He thought that Theresa was going to be there. Sheridan is in the yard but she hasnít seen Luis. Luis makes a noise with one of the chairs and Sheridan hears that. She thinks that it may be Brian so she moves towards the noise. She bumps into Brian who thinks that this isnít the night to reunite with his family. They should go back to the boat and leave. She agrees to what he wants this time. He kisses her cheek and tells her that he is glad that she isnít evil. She is the best thing that happened to him since he left Harmony. They walk off and Luis goes outsideÖThe butler goes to Tabitha giving her popcorn as a snack.

Timmy goes to where the cave is blocked and he prays for the cave to be opened. He turns and finds that the cave is open. He thanks the Angel Girl and goes running into the cave to see his sweet Charity.

TC tells his wife that he was shown the real past. Eve remembers the night and then she knows that her baby was stolen from her that night.

Luis is not happy with the news that his sister is pregnant but he manages to get over it and hug them to congratulate them. Luis is going to get them married that night if it kills him. The reporter finds this interesting because Theresa did something that was newsworthy. He has something that he has to say and Ethan may not want to get married after he hears what is going to be said. The reporter says that he knows something about Theresa. She is not pregnant anymore. The reporter says that she got an abortion. He says that he has proof. Everyone stops and turns to Theresaís face to see the reaction.

Brian is back at the boat and he takes out a gun that he has and makes sure that it is loaded. They are at the dock and Sheridan walks up wishing that Brian didnít have such a terrible time coming to town. She goes off to make them some sandwiches. Brian thinks that maybe it is time that he does what he should have done a long time ago.

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