Passions Update Tuesday 1/8/02



Passions Update Tuesday 1/8/02 --Canada; Wed., 1/9/02 --USA

By Glynis

Julian meets Brittany and is told the story of a boy and his mother and how he watched his mother. Julian is starting to get itchy. Brian wants to make the man pay for what he did to Brian’s family. He tells Julian that he is Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald. Julian looks shocked and never thought that he would see Antonio ever again. Now that Antonio is back it is time for Julian to get what is coming to him. Julian can’t believe that Antonio is still holding grudge. Antonio doesn’t call it that. Antonio’s family was stolen from him and he is going to take Julian’s life. Julian tells him that he will regret his actions in the morning. This is going to be the best thing that Antonio has done in his life. He holds Julian up and punches him dead in the face.

TC tells Grace and Sam that Julian was responsible for him losing a sports scholarship. His father worked very hard for that opportunity. He always suspected that Julian was responsible but he never had the proof. He remembers his career being over. His father’s dream was over. He crashed in the accident and wrecked his knee and couldn’t play tennis again. He was robbed of his life’s ambition. TC’s father was never the same. Julian was driving drunk that night and was the one that hit TC. TC found the receipt for the bodywork on the car. TC says that he will kill Julian for what he did to his family and his life. If he can kill them then he will be saving others from Julian.

Timmy is at the dance and he gets an invitation to dance with Simone and Jessica…Kay goes to Miguel and tries to make him feel better after 'Charity' made him feel jealous. Reese comes up to the two and 'Charity' comes too. She thinks that Timmy is short and that the girls shouldn’t be wasting their time with him. Miguel thinks that she is being very unkind. Miguel finds her to be a very unkind person and totally different than what he expects from her.

Ethan learns that Theresa is pregnant and he calls Theresa out in front of everyone. He asks her to tell the truth. Are you pregnant or not?

Miguel gets 'Charity' aside and asks her why she is so different now. She never used to be the way that she is now and Miguel wants to know what the reason is for that.

Sheridan is waiting for Antonio and she walks the property thinking and having flashbacks of her time with her lover. If only she could remember who her lover was. She remembers throwing snowballs in the snow…Luis remembers the special times in the snow too with Sheridan. He picks up her pictures…they had their whole lives ahead of them.

Ethan doesn’t want to listen to the reporter. He asks Theresa, "Are you pregnant?" Everyone stands by and waits for Theresa’s answer.

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