Passions Update Monday 1/7/02



Passions Update Monday 1/7/02 --Canada; Tues. 1/8/02 --USA

By Glynis

TC has a make believe talk with his father who tells him that he should kill Julian. TC almost buys this. He has been seeing his father lately and he thinks that maybe he has been seeing his father as part of his self-conscience. TC’s father tells him that he is real and that he can prove it.

Brian and 'Diana' are together in Harmony and they decide to take a walk…Luis is on the same grounds as where Brian and 'Diana' are walking and Luis is trying to get over Sheridan again. This was the place where he asked Sheridan to marry him.

Ivy talks to the reporter that printed the story about Ethan’s paternity. Ivy would like to talk about that. She would like Theresa destroyed even though it may hurt her son. They are outside the Crane mansion as the party goes on inside. Ivy is sure that Theresa is going to break Ethan’s heart and she is going to make sure that no marriage takes place between them. Ivy has information on Theresa. She knows that Theresa is pregnant. Ethan is no longer a Crane and no one cares about him anymore. Ivy explains that Theresa was pregnant and she aborted Julian’s baby. The reporter tells her that this is front-page news. Tabitha and Timmy are watching and they know that Theresa’s life is over. The reporter starts writing in his pad. This is great. Ivy is destroying Theresa’s love for her son and getting revenge on her ex-husband at the same time. He is to make sure that the source of this story is anonymous. This is going to seal Julian’s death warrant. The man is still reluctant to do this. Ivy tells him that she can dig up dirt on him too. The reporter decides to do as he is told…Tabitha is impressed with Ivy. She has ice water in her veins. Timmy is upset about Theresa. Her whole life is going to be destroyed.

Julian and Rebecca are alone and have just had wonderful sex. They would like some martinis. The staff is not answering. Julian dresses and leaves the room to get some vermouth for them to drink. Rebecca thinks to herself that she gave up everything for Julian. She is glad that Theresa didn’t get her hands on Julian and that she didn’t’ get pregnant. If she weren’t able to marry Julian, she wouldn’t be accountable for her actions. She thinks of this as she holds a letter opener in her hands.

Downstairs at the party, Theresa is trying to hold herself together. Pilar comes over to Theresa to tell her that she knows where she was earlier. She loves her daughter and nothing will ever change that. They hug…Brian is looking through the window and he sees Theresa and his mother. They are so close to him right now. Theresa’s life seems to be perfect.

At the party, John is telling his father that he thought that Grace and David being together would have been different.

Julian shows up in the study and finds TC standing there by himself. TC thinks that he just had a talk with his father and he is upset with Julian and when he sees him he moves towards him as if he is going to kill him.

Brian is outside watching the party from the outside. He hopes that Luis doesn’t ruin everything for him and his mother…Tabitha and Timmy are walking through the house and they see Ivy come in. The reporter calls for the attention of the party. Ethan approaches him and learns that the man is there to get the reaction of a story that he is working on. Ivy thinks that Theresa should be worried. Ethan threatens to throw him out. Ethan doesn’t have the authority to throw him out. The reporter would like to get the reaction of everyone knowing that Theresa is pregnant. Theresa is nearby and hears the charge. Ivy sees the look on her face and knows that soon enough, Theresa is going to be history.

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