Passions Update Friday 1/4/02


Passions Update Thurs. 1/4/02 --Canada; Friday 1/7/02 --USA

By Glynis

The Crane party is underway. Julian and Rebecca are having fun and games and get caught by the guests at the party in the house…TC leaves to call the kids and see how they are doing…Tabitha and Timmy are at the party as guests watching everyone…Eve and Sam discuss Sam’s marriage and how it is rock solid. They are sure that nothing is going to ruin Sam’s marriage…A song comes on and Grace loves it. John tells Grace that the song is his father’s favorite too…Ivy is talking on her cell phone hoping to expose Theresa at the party. She can’t wait to make Theresa suffer some pain after all the pain that she has caused. She gets off the phone and turns to find Ethan standing behind her looking at her curiously. Ethan hasn’t heard everything that Ivy has been talking about. Ivy says that she has been worried that Theresa wouldn’t show for the party. She doesn’t want to hurt him but she believes that this is for his own good…Grace looks for Sam and can’t find him. John would like Grace to dance with his father. He brings Grace over to David and asks him to dance with her. David says that he really shouldn’t, but Ivy is there and thinks that Grace and David dancing together is a lovely idea. As Grace and David dance, Sam watches with Eve and he feels left out.

Theresa has had the abortion and she knows that she has to show up to the Crane party that night or people will be suspicious.

TC has made a call to his children to see if they are okay and he is alone in the study. Tabitha blows some magic dust at TC and his father appears. His father asks, "Just what the hell are you doing at the Crane mansion?" He is told that he should be seeking vengeance. Tabitha and Timmy are watching and they know that TC is going to explode.

At the party, it is nearly midnight…John thinks that Grace is great and he couldn’t have asked for a better mom. Sam tells everyone to grab a glass of champagne and get close to the one that you love. Theresa arrives and Ethan is happy that she was able to make it for midnight. He can see that she is looking pale. Ivy gets some pictures delivered to her showing Theresa outside of the abortion clinic…Luis is having memories of he and Sheridan. They are gone forever.

'Diana' feels very familiar about this place. How could this be? She is sure that she has never been there before. She calls to Brian to leave with her…Luis comes outside and wants to be alone and not with the others. Brian remembers being on these grounds at the Crane mansion before. "Damn you Julian…"

The bell tolls and it is New Years Eve…. Everyone counts down and Sam kisses Grace…John hugs David…John goes over to Grace and wishes her a Happy New Year. They hug as Sam watches…Ethan and the. Hug and kiss. As long as she is in his arms, everything is all right. Ivy watches them celebrate. She holds the envelope with the pictures of Theresa in front of the abortion clinic in her hand and she fans herself with it.

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