Passions Update Thursday 1/3/02


Passions Update Thurs. 1/3/01 --Canada; Friday 1/4/01 -- USA

By Glynis

Kay and Jessica come done to breakfast and they see an extra place setting. Grace has some news for them. Some wonderful news. John walks in the house and says hi to the girls. Grace tells them that this is John. He is glad to meet them. He is staying around, hopefully for a long time. Jessica finds him terribly cute. John announces that he is their brother. Sam arrives and Kay is pissed. Grace thinks that they are going to be happy that they know John and in time they are going to like him tooÖJessica tells John that she is glad to meet him. Kay is mad as hell at him being there and being her brother. Grace decides to have a party at the house, but John says that he likes to spend New Years Eve with his father. Grace says that is fine, David can come too. The phone rings and it is Ivy calling Grace to invite her to a party at the Crane mansion that night. Sam says that there is no way that he is going to set foot in that house.

David talks to Ivy and tells her that John is not really Graceís child. Ivy thinks that no one has to know that John is not really her child. David finds her to be cruel to do something like this to someone. She knows that he canít do anything about it. She wants him to break up Sam and Grace, but he refuses to do it. She tells him again that he has no choice. She will ruin him. If his son ever learned the truth about David, he will be destroyed. Then where would he be? David hates her and he tells her so. She tells him to bring her wheelchair. She is going to implement her next plan to break up Sam and Grace. She made herself a promise and she is going to keep it. Ivy knows that Theresa is pregnant and she is sure that the baby is Julianís from the marriage in Bermuda. David thinks that she is vicious. She would even destroy a young girlís life and even her sonís. She is sure that Ethan is going to understand that Theresa is a liar and a cheater. She is going to get Theresa out of her sonís life and Julian out of herís. When the truth comes out she knows that Luis is going to want to kill Julian.

At the Lopez-Fitzgeralds house over breakfast, Pilar says again that she was sure that Antonio was in the house the night before.

Brian tells 'Diana' that he was in his motherís house the night before. He didnít let his mother know that he was there because of what his brother said to him on the phone some days again. 'Diana' thinks that Brian should be ignoring his brother. 'Diana' is sure that his mother would give anything to see her son. Brian is sure now that this whole thing is a mistake. He has no place with his family. What he would like to do is turn the boat over and get out of there before he costs anyone else pain. 'Diana' is sure that he will regret not talking to his mother for the rest of his life. She knows that Brianís mother loves him. She would give anything to have someone care about her like his family cares for him. She doesnít understand that this is not that simple. There are reasons why he left in the first place and they donít know what those reasons are. There was some reason why he was the one that was to bring the boat to Harmony. That is because he is the one that should be getting in touch with his family.

Tabitha is home happy that Ivy is going to do something nasty to break up Sam and Grace. She is sure that Grace and Sam are going too end up in divorce court. The table starts shaking and Tabitha can tell that there is more news to find out. From the table, Tabitha sees a gun come out of the table pointing at Tabitha. Suddenly the gun goes off and Tabitha falls backwards. Timmy shouts out, "NO!" Timmy sits over his princess and tries to will her back to life. He is about to call an ambulance when Tabitha grabs his leg. She tells him that the gun wasnít real, it was a witchcraft gun. She says that this was wonderful. This means that someone is going to be shot. There is going to be a murder at the Craneís New Years Eve party that night. Someone is going to die. Timmy wants know part of this. Tabitha expected this to happen. She thinks that they are not going to be a team anymore. Finally Timmy offers to go to make sure that Tabitha stays out of trouble. That will be a tough trick as trouble is going to be the centerpiece of this party.

Pilar tries to talk to her daughter again about the abortion. Theresa will not speak of that again. She will not be influenced by her mother anymore on the subject.

David comes over to Graceís house and she invites him over to her party. He tells her that he is going to the Crane party instead. Grace gets sad, as she wonít be able to spend New Years with John. Grace feels that maybe they should go to the Cranes after all. Sam reluctantly agrees to go with her. She is sure that this is going to be the best New Years ever.

Ivy gets a call from her private detective. He just saw her go into an abortion clinic. Ethan is going to despise Theresa for this. Ivy is going to expose Theresa that night at her party.

Theresa is at the abortion clinic for her appointment and she meets with her contact at the clinic.

Ethan comes looking for Theresa and she isnít there. Pilar hopes that her daughter is not making a terrible mistake that night.

Antonio makes a call to Luis. When Luis finds out who is calling he asks Antonio what he wants and calls him a bastard.

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