Passions Update Wednesday 1/2/02



Passions Update Wednesday 1/2/01 --Canada; Thurs., 1/3/01 --USA

By Glynis

Theresa and Ethan are about to make love and she stops him thinking that she can tell him the truth now. The doorbell rings and Ethan offers to go and see who it is. Theresa is sure that this is a sign from God that she is not to tell Ethan the truth about her baby and that she is to go ahead with the abortion. She goes with Ethan to the door and there is a neighbor that tells them that there may be a cat burglar in the neighborhood. They are cautioned to be very careful.

Timmy is a real boy now and he has cut himself. He is bleeding and that means that he is a real boy. Even Tabitha has to admit it. The angel girl comes and Tabitha lets her have if for making Timmy a boy. The angel tells her that he must remember to be as a good a boy as he was a doll. Tabitha thinks that he is going to know what suffering is all about now. Timmy thinks that now he can fall in love. Tabitha reminds him that the people that he knows all have bad times because of the hearts that they carry. Tabitha is afraid that he will leave her now that he is a boy. She will be left to be a lonely old woman again. She wonít have anyone to talk to when she is sipping her martini. She is going to be lonelier than ever. She will remember how happy she was with Timmy and that is going to make her more sad than ever. She has no powers and she canít sew herself another doll. No one can take his place. He is unique. Timmy is almost crying. Tabitha is. She tells him that she loves him. She holds him close to her. Deep down Timmy sees good in Tabitha. Timmy tells her that he would never leave her. He wants Tabitha to be happy for him. Tabitha is not sure that she can do that for him. Timmy goes off to make some martinis for the both of them.

Grace and Sam have found out that David has a son. That son is Graceís son, if she accepts that David was her husband before. She hugs John and is happy to know that she has a son. Sam is crestfallen by this drawback and Ivy sits hidden in the background enjoying every moment. Sam reminds her that they donítí know anything about this boy. John takes out his driverís license and shows it to her. It is true. The boy could very well be hers. Grace thinks that they should spend Christmas together. David and Sam think that they should wait a bit before bringing John home. Grace thinks that they are right. IT is time for them to go now. Grace hugs John and tells him that she is glad that he is there. She tells him that they will never be separated again. Grace and Sam leave and John thanks his father for finding his mother. Ivy is in the background smiling at all that she has accomplished. David excuses himself from his son for a minute and hightails it over to Ivy telling her that she is the most evil person that he has ever met. He calls her a bitch. John is an innocent boy and Ivy may hurt him. How can she manipulate lives like this? Ivy thinks that eventually everyone is going to win. David tells her that he hates her for what she does to Sam and Grace and what she is doing to his son. She knows that there is not anything that he can do about the things that she does.

Luis and Sheridan are in the same location yet again and they miss each other again.

At Theresaís house, Ethan goes looking through the house and finds a man there. He starts fighting and eventually the man goes running out. Theresa and has no idea that the man in the house was their beloved Antonio.

Luis arrives home and learns of the break-in. Pilar thinks that the man in the house was Antonio. Luis tells her that she must have been wrong. Pilar wants him to believe her. Luis is not buying. Ethan goes out of the room with Luis. Pilar tells Theresa that she has a special bond with her child as Theresa does with her unborn child and that is why she can't end the pregnancy. She just cannot.

Ethan would like to spend the night with Theresa but he is going to have to settle for sleeping on the couch. Ethan thinks that Pilar may have sensed her son. There have been some amazing stories about mothers and their children. Theresa canít bear to hear anymore stories of mothers and their children. She leaves to go to bed. She loves him so much and has no idea what she is going to do.

Brian and 'Diana' meet up again and he is sorry that the trip hasnít turned out the way that she wanted it to. She still feels that there is something there for her. Maybe the next day they will find what they are looking for.

Pilar asks her son where he was after Midnight Mass. He says that he went for a walk looking for a Christmas miracle. He felt her presence down at the wharf. If Sheridan were in Harmony, she would come back to him and he has to stop this now. Luis is not going to deny how his mother feels. He is a cop and he deals with evidence. There is no evidence there. They donít know it but the necklace that Sheridan bought for Brian to give to his mother for Christmas is on the carpet beside Pilarís bed. It is the Guadeloupe necklace.

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