Passions Update Tuesday 1/1/02



Passions Update Tuesday 1/1/01 --Canada; Wed., 1/2/01 --USA

By Glynis

Tabitha and Timmy are hiding from Norma in the hospital. Norma is holding her ax and is ready for action. Norma almost chops Tabitha but Tabitha yells out and alerts the staff and then she gets running with Norma behind her and the staff as well. Everyone goes running outside of the hospital and they all fall over. Reese is there thinking that the can finally get a chance to prove that Tabitha is really a witch. Norma has scrubs on and Julian and Reese think that she is a doctor…Norma is about to chop Tabitha and Timmy to bits when the staff arrive and give her a sedative. They have to actually sit on her to get her down. Tabitha and Timmy watch everything. Timmy tells Tabitha that he is a real boy now. He is sure of that…Reese and Julian see Eve and TC and they tell them that Tabitha is behind the bushes and she is a real witch. They go over to the pair and they can see that Timmy is alive. Reese thinks that proves that Tabitha is a witch. Eve touches Timmy’s face and can see that Timmy is human with a pulse. Julian and Reese rejoice. Eve asks Tabitha. "How can your doll have come to life?" Tabitha says that her doll didn’t come alive at all. She says that the boy is her grandnephew. She says that he came to visit her. She is very upset with the group. First she is invited to a show and then she is chased with an ax and then this group chases the boy. Her grandnephew looks like her doll and she says that she did that on purpose to make the doll look like her grandnephew. Eve apologizes for what happened at the hospital earlier. Norma is lying on the ground and she suddenly wakens and tells Tabitha that she is going to make she and Timmy dead. She gets up and starts chasing Tabitha and Timmy again with her ax. Soon she is caught and dragged off. Julian and Reese want to make sure that Timmy is really Tabitha’s grandnephew. He asks Timmy if he likes martinis. Tabitha and Timmy run off and Tabitha has to face the truth. Timmy is really a real boy. Timmy takes her hand and rubs it up and down his face so that she can feel his new skin.

Ivy reminds David that if he doesn’t go along with her plan she will ruin his life forever. She tells him that they will discuss this later, but right now she is not going to risk anyone finding them together. She wheels herself off and a hand touches David’s shoulder. He turns to look at the intruder and says, "Oh my God, it is you." Turns out that the person is David’s son. Ivy sent him a message and alerted him that his father was in Harmony. David is really tired and he gives his son some money to go and pick up some pastries. The boy walks off and David goes over to Ivy telling her that he will not let her play with his son’s heart. He gets angry with Ivy.

Kay has another plan at the church to get Miguel to be hers…Pilar talks to her daughter again and tells her that she has to rethink her idea of getting an abortion. The only thing that Theresa believes in now is being with Ethan and protecting him from finding out that she is pregnant. She walks off and Luis comes up telling his mother that he tried to believe that Sheridan would come but that hasn’t happened. Pilar feels the same way that she is not going to see her son after all. They guess that they were just having wishful thinking.

Outside the church, Sheridan is trying to get Brian to agree to bring her inside of the church. He finally agrees. He thinks that everyone must have left by now. Sheridan can’t help feeling that something is in the church for her. Something that will change her life. They enter the church…Luis and Pilar are in the church and they can’t help but think that their lost loved ones are close by. Pilar remembers her son Antonio as a child and that warms her heart. Pilar thinks that maybe Antonio is at home waiting for her to come there. What if he got home too late and missed them before they came to church? She decides to leave right away and go home to check for her son. Luis too realizes that Sheridan is not coming back and gets ready to leave with her.

Brian has a flashback of the priest telling him that he is very proud of him. Pilar was proud of him too. He was a good son. He was honest and trustworthy. He feels that now he let his mother down. Brian needs some time to be alone and think. He walks out of the church again. Sheridan sees something in his pocket and she wants to see what it is. It is the gift that Sheridan got for him to give to his mother. She hopes that he takes her advice and contacts his mother. She tells him to open the gift and look at it, but he doesn’t do that. She tells him that she will see him later and she walks off. He opens the gift and looks at it. It is a necklace of Guadeloupe. How could 'Diana' have known that this gift is perfect?

Grace and Sam talk in the snow about the big wedding that they are finally going to have together. It seems like only yesterday when Sam saved her from the fire and they met. She remembers every moment of that. They share kisses in the snow.

Ethan is with the kids at Grace’s house and he gives them presents. CDs for everyone. 'Charity' is less than thrilled. They give Ethan his present and he finds that the briefcase is much too expensive for them to get for him. They know that he is starting his law firm and he needs something like that. 'Charity' thinks that he got a better deal with the present giving. All they got were CDs. Later Miguel tells Charity that she has been acting ungrateful for her gifts. She explains that she hasn’t had much, then she found out that she has a cousin that is a Crane and she thought that she would get something great, but she gets kicked out of the family without a dime. She wants to feel like money is not something that she has to think about. Kay is in the background listening to everything that 'Charity' is saying and she loves it. 'Charity' says that the CD that she got for Christmas is not that bad. She can listen to it as they clean up. Miguel can’t believe his ears. This isn’t the girl that he loved. Kay is sorry that she has to put Miguel through this. She loves him and feels that this is for his own good. She is sure that she can make him happier than Charity ever could. She goes to Miguel after 'Charity' leaves and tells him that he can count on her always.

Grace and Sam hear raised voices and they follow them. By the time that Grace and Sam catch up to the voices they only see John and David talking. Sam wants to know what is going on. John introduces himself as David’s son. Ivy is in the background watching and loves every minute of it. He tells Grace that he is in college and that he is a sophomore. David explains that Grace is his wife. John is confused. John turns to her, "Mother?" Ivy really hit the jackpot this time.

Ethan tells Theresa that this time next Christmas they are going to be married and they will have their own place. They are at Theresa’s place and Ethan would like to spend the night with her. She reminds him that her mother might find out. They start kissing and Ethan tells her that he would like to make love to her. He is glad that she is on the pills because they couldn’t afford to have a baby right now. She wants to be close to him. They start kissing. and fall on her bed. He promises to love her forever. She tells him to show her how he loves her and they start passionately kissing.

Brian goes to his mother’s house and no one seems to be there. He sees the candles in the window and figures that one of them must be for him. He walks through the house and hears his mother praying in her room for his safety. Brian goes into his mother’s room after she is sleeping. He asks for her forgiveness.

Luis looks up at a Christmas tree outside. He had no Christmas miracle this year…Sheridan is lost. She is walking around by herself and has found herself back at the church where Luis is standing under the tree looking up at it.

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