Passions Update Friday 12/28/01


Passions Update Thurs. 12/28/01 --Canada; Friday 12/31/01 --USA

By Glynis

Chad comes to Whitney telling her that it is time for them to talk. They haven’t really had a chance to talk and Simone doesn’t know about them yet. Whitney said to God that she promised that she wouldn’t pursue Chad anymore. Whitney is not going to break her promise to God. Chad is sure that they only have to explain to Simone what is going on with them. Simone walks up behind Chad after hearing her name and asks, "Explain what to me?"

Luis as a dream where he is talking to God and asking him to bring Sheridan back. She would appear behind him softly calling his name. They are at church for New Years Eve.

Sheridan and Brian are in Harmony and Sheridan reminds Brian that he needs to contact the guy for the boat. Brian remembers Liz telling him that the contact person for the boat is Luis. He tells Sheridan that they can wait on calling the guy about the boat. Sheridan is happy about that thinking that they can go to midnight mass then. Brian tells her that they should just follow the church bells to get to church for Midnight Mass. Sheridan thinks again that something is waiting for her. Brian thinks that whatever is or isn’t waiting for her is nothing like what is waiting for him.

Timmy prays again that he will get a heart and be a real boy. He remembers the Angel Girl coming and telling Timmy that someone has been paying attention and there is a very good chance that he will be a boy real soon.

Theresa and Ethan are at church and the priest asks Theresa and Ethan to bring up the baby Jesus. They walk into the church and Ivy is there. She tells Theresa that her coat is getting a bit tight on her…Pilar remembers bringing her children into the church when they were little to have Midnight Mass…Theresa holds the fake Baby Jesus and gets ready to walk up to the front holding the baby. The priest senses something but doesn’t say much…Everyone is singing in the church and 'Charity' is holding her head as if she is going to burst…The priest directs everyone to look to the back to see why they celebrate this holy day. Everyone looks to the back and sees Theresa holding the Baby Jesus and walking to the front. As Theresa puts the baby down in the manger, she has a vision that the baby comes alive before her eyes.

Luis is at the church praying again for Sheridan To come back to him…Sheridan and Brian arrive at the church and Sheridan and Luis are actually in the same room together when she walks in. He is praying and doesn’t see her and she is looking all around in awe of the church.

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