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Passions Update Thurs. 11/27/01 --Canada; Friday 11/28/01 -- USA

By Glynis

Theresa is on her kick again about getting the abortion. Whitney is trying to stop her from going through with it again. Theresa will not listen this time. She is determined to go through with it. If she gets the baby out she wonít be lying to Ethan anymore. Chad and Ethan walk up asking if the girls wanted to go to the orphanage with them. They have a check to donate from Ivy and they have toys to distribute. Theresa says that she has to do something else but Ethan will not let her go. He knows that there is nothing more important to Theresa than kids. Nina explains that most of the kids havenít been there that long. Ethan wonders if maybe some day he and Theresa will adopt.

Ivy and David are caught in the yard talking by Sam and he demands to know what they are doing there together. Ivy says that she came over to deliver a package for the happy couple as a heart warming. Grace comes out and takes the gift from them. She tells Ivy that she really didnít need to bring a gift. Her casserole bell goes off and she invites David and Ivy inside. She enters and Ivy tells David again that she will do whatever she can to break up Grace and Sam. That is why she hired him. She threatens to tell Davidís little secret if he doesnít help her out. Ivy and David go into Sam and Graceís house and Sam and Grace ask Ivy to back off from Theresa and leave her alone. Ivy seems to agree to their request and Ivy tells Grace to open her present as the gift has a short shelf life. Grace opens the gift and finds dessert in there. Grace thinks that they should have the dessert and she and Sam leave to get plates for them to have the dessert.

Timmy is in the hospital running for his life. Tabitha meets up with him and drags him off to a corner. He wants to get a heart and Tabitha explains to him that he canít go around demanding a heart from people. That is not how you get one. Eve comes up and Tabitha demands that Timmy go into doll mode. Timmy does as he is told and Eve tells them that they are invited by a patient to see a show that day. She will take them to the psyche ward later to see the show. Eve leaves and Timmy comes out of doll mode. He will not leave the hospital until he gets a heart. Tabitha is more interested in who was the one that invited them there that day.

Pilar talks to herself about her daughterís pending abortion. Luis shuts the door behind her and stands over her with his arms crossed. She hears the door close and she turns to see her oldest son standing behind her looking very cross. He has heard nothing of what she was saying to herself. He likes that she is cooking for Christmas. Even if Antonio doesnítí come home, they are going to have a feast. Pilar thinks back to the years before when her kids were little and they had holiday dinners together with her husband.

Up at the psyche ward, the adults are milling around socializing. Eve walks in with Tabitha and Timmy and tells them that they can sit anywhere that they want to watch the show. Tabitha remembers that the nurse and orderly are the same people that were there the time that Tabitha was locked up. She tries to leave with Timmy in her arms, but Eve stops her and tells her to sit and not leave before the show is over. She sits thinking that she is stuck there. The first act is a ventriloquist act. The act seems to please the others that are watching. Tabitha still would like to know who invited them there. They continue watching that acts with the othersÖThe staff notices Tabitha and think that she was there once before. Tabitha knows that she had better get out of there before she gets locked up again. Tabitha wants to forget about this. Timmy only cares about his heart and getting it. Tabitha remembers Norma attacking her and Timmy. She wonders if Norma is still a patient there. She is the only nut bar that they knowÖBehind the curtain of the stage, Norma is there and she is ready to perform. Next comes a juggling act. After that the show is over and Tabitha is ready to get out of there. Eve appears and tells Tabitha that there is a special act just for her and she makes her sit again with Timmy in her lap. The lights go down and some music starts playing. It is "Iíve Written a Letter to Daddy". It is a song from one of their favorite movies. That act is about to start. Norma comes out dressed as Bette Davis from "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane". Tabitha and Timmy donít recognize her yet. Norma sings the song and Timmy thinks that she has a lovely singing voice. Tabitha canít stand it. The piano player gives up playing but Norma continues singing. Tabitha realizes that it is Norma and she realizes that she has to get out of there right away. Norma calls to her from the stage and Tabitha turns to see Norma remove her wig. She shouts out to them, "Merry Christmas!" Both Tabitha and Timmy shout out, "Itís Norma!" Norma makes a run for them and they take off. The staff grabs Norma and holds her down. Norma screams to be freed so that she can settle a score with Tabitha and Timmy.

Brian thinks of Christmas long ago and Sheridan prompts him to tell her about his Christmases. His mother always made such a big deal about Christmas and so everyone went along with that. His mother sounds wonderful. It must be hard for his mother not to know where he is all the time. Brian thinks that maybe 'Diana' can meet his mother. There was a girl that Pilar was like a mother to. The girl was a rich kid and Pilar used to work for the family. The girlís mother passed and no one knew what to do with her. They sent her to boarding school to get her out of the way. Pilar took her under her wing and gave her affection. Pilar was the only adult that cared for that child. Brian had a crush on that girl and Brianís brother had a crush on the girl too. He used to fight with his brother over this girl. 'Diana' thinks that they would laugh over their crushes now. Brian doesnít think so. They can see the lights of Harmony now. Sheridan thinks that someone is there for her and waiting for her in Harmony.

Theresa, Whitney and the boys make it to the orphanage and the kids are all around. Nina comes out and greets Ethan. Ethan introduces everyone to her. Nina has heard about Theresa and wants to know about the wedding. Ethan would like to have a wedding like the one that Nina has. She says that values are important to a couple. Ethan says that they agree on the important things and Theresa nods in agreement. A man comes in with a baby that will not stop crying. Nina is busy so the man asks Theresa to hold the baby. She takes her and the baby stops crying. Whitney sees that and Theresa is very uncomfortable with the baby.

Luis and Pilar put their candles in the window for Sheridan and Antonio. Luis really admires his mother. Anyone in the world who has been through what Pilar has been through should be admired. Miguel is doing great and Theresa is difficult but her dreams are coming true as well. She better get ready to play grandma since Theresa is getting married. Pilar gets upset. She says that she was thinking about Antonio. Luis thinks that she is wondering if Antonio has any children. Pilar does wonder that and that is only one of the reasons that she wants her son back home. Luis says that Theresa and Ethan seem ready to have kids. Ethan called earlier to have Theresa go with him to the orphanage. Pilar knows that Theresa was on her way to go to the abortion clinic. Luis is sure that Ethan has found Theresa and has taken her to the orphanage. Pilar wonders if that is true and gets her coat. She says that she has something that she has to do right away.

Pilar makes her way to the orphanage and she sees Theresa with the child. Ethan sees Pilar and tells her that he canít wait until Theresa is pregnant.

Luis goes outside and thinks of how he used to have peace and serenity from the church. Now he can barely look at the church.

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