Passions Update Wednesday 12/26/01



Passions Update Wednesday 12/26/01 --Canada; Thurs., 12/27/01 --USA

By Glynis

Pilar talks to her daughter telling her that she has to be honest with Ethan. She is going to be showing soon. Theresa says that she is going to go for a long walk. Pilar wants her to stay and talk for a while. It is cold outside. Pilar hangs onto her arm and pulls it too hard in trying to keep her in the house. The things in Theresaís purse fall out and Theresa picks up the things. She sees the card from the family clinic and wants to know what she is going there for. She starts crying. "Please Theresa! Tell me what you are going there for." She wants her daughter to tell her that she would never have an abortion. There must be some other explanation. There has to be. Theresa tells her mother that the card tells the story. Pilar canít believe what she is hearing. Theresa tells her mother that she has an appointment to have an abortion that very day. Pilar makes the sign of the cross on her head and chest. Theresa thinks that this is her only choice. She canít tell Ethan that she is pregnant with Julianís child. Theresa canít have the baby and give it up. Julian might want to take the baby and raise it as a Crane. Pilar only sees a babyÖa life. She is sure that her daughter is in denial. She will be hurting the life of an innocent baby. She needs to stop and think of the precious creature growing inside her. She wants to solve the problem and she understands that but what she is thinking is only a quick fix. If she ends her babyís life, the repercussions will haunt her for the rest of her life and she will never get over it.

Pilar thinks that she has failed her daughter. She absolutely will not allow her daughter to do this. Theresa tells her mother that there is nothing that her mother can do to stop her. She tells her mother that she is a woman now and she has decided to do this. Pilar canít believe that Theresa would do this at Christmas. Theresa has to do this now before she starts to show. Pilar thinks that her son coming home will be stained by her doing this. Theresa says that she canít be sure that Antonio is coming home but she can be sure that she is going to have this baby. If Ethan learns this even though she was drunk, he will still leave her and this time it will be for good. Also, Ethan will kill Julian and he will go to jail. Pilar wonders what Ethan will do when he learns that she had an abortion. Theresa says that Luis will not find out. This is about the people that Theresa loves. This pregnancy will not only destroy her life but Ethan and Luisí lives as well. Pilar can still only see the life inside her. Pilar prays and has put her faith in God. She tells Theresa that she has to put her faith there too. Theresa is trying to get her mother to understand that what she is doing is for the good of everyone that she loves. Pilar tells her daughter that she should lose Ethan before she loses her soul. That is what they believe. Pilar knows that somewhere in her heart, she believes what is right. Pilar begs her to please listen to the other part of herself. Theresa tells her mother that she is sorry, so very sorry. She gets her purse and leaves the house. Pilar just cries.

Kay is having a dream and Miguel comes into her room to wake her. He has no shirt on and he hugs and holds her to get her over her nightmare. The dream was terrible. She canít remember the dream, she only remembers that it was awful. He assures her that the dream canít come true. She hopes not. He decides to call Charity to see how she is. 'Charity' answers the cell phone and isnít happy to hear that it is him. He thinks that she is at home sick, but she is really at home enjoying the holidays with her family and friends. She gets off the phone telling everyone that Miguel is busy and is not coming over to see her today.

Over in the cave where Charity is locked in a block of ice, Charityís thumb moves ever so slowly.

Timmy is begging Tabitha for a real Christmas. Tabitha is not into it. They are drinking martinis. She tells him that all that doesnít matter because he doesnít have a heart and will not feel the warmth of it all. Timmy hopes again that he will be able to have a real heart one-day and be a real boy. He is sure that one day Tabitha is going to be sorry for making fun of him. She tells him that she will wear a wreath on her head for a week if he ever becomes a real boy. Tabitha leaves to buy some chestnuts to throw at the skaters later on.

Jessica comes to the house and finds out that her parents have been working very hard on it and making it as good as new. Grace thanks Hank and TC for their help. They are going to be celebrating Christmas in their own home. All Sam wants is signed papers saying that Grace and David are not married anymore. Grace is so trusting and sees the best in everyone. Sam once again says that he finds something very wrong with David. Hank has to agree. He doesnít find David to be on the up and up either.

Ivy is meets with David again telling him that the next time that he is asked to sign papers he is to tell Grace that he would like to do it before an official. David has gotten to know Grace well and she is a good person devoted to family. Ivy canít believe what she is seeing. David is falling in love with Grace. This is wonderful. Grace and Samís marriage will be over soon and Grace will be all alone. David is the best person to get with her. Ivy thought that David was too hardhearted to fall for anyone. David thinks that what they are planning is very cruel. Ivy thinks that she has been suffering waiting for Sam all these years. She has to fight with Rebecca and Julian over her house. Ethan is going to marry Theresa and Ivy despises Theresa. Ivy thinks that Theresa is a conniving witch just like Grace. She walks around smiling and doing good deeds. She even made a cake out of tomato soup. Ivy is sure that Sam would be happier with her even though he had 3 kids with Grace. This is their big moment. No one can see them together. That would be a disaster. Ivy is this close to getting Sam from Grace.

Miguel comes back to Kay and tells her that Charity seems to be too busy for him right now and doesnít even sound like she wants to talk to him. He leaves and Kay is glad that the fake Charity is doing so well.

Miguel gets dressed and sees a couple outside making a snowman. He wonders what is happening with Charity. What is going on? The couple recognizes Miguel and talk to him telling him that he should be with Charity as this is the best time of the year for couples to be together. Miguel knows that he would like to be with Charity but he canít understand why she doesnít want to be with him.

Kay goes over to the cave to see if Charity is still in there on ice. There are rocks in front of the cave and she canít move them. How can she get into the cave? Poof! The spell book appears and Kay reaches to touch it. The touch breaks the rocks and creates an entryway for her to go in. She turns to the book saying, "ThanksÖ" Kay gets into the cave happy to find that Charity is still trapped in there. She is too happy to notice, but Charity does make a slight movement with her hand while Kay is in the cave with her locked in the block of ice.

Over at Graceís house, Grace has made cookies and refreshments for everyone. Sam and Grace are happy that their house is now a home again.

Ivy has a house-warming gift that she would like to give to Sam and Grace. Ivy tells David to get out of there before they are seen together. Sam has heard someone out front of the house and he comes out asking Ivy and David, "What are you 2 doing out here?"

Tabitha returns from the store and Timmy tells her that his wish is coming true and he is going to get a heart and be a real boy.

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