Passions Update Tuesday 12/25/01



Passions Update Tuesday 12/25/01 --Canada; Wed., 12/26/01 --USA

By Glynis

Julian and Rebecca have been making love in the snow. She wants to show him how she has decorated the mansion. She turns and sees something that makes her shout. She sees the tree that she had picked out for the house in the trash. A maintenance man tells her that a Mrs. Crane told her to throw the tree in the trash. That really pisses Rebecca off. She knows that Ivy is up to her tricks again.

Theresa tells Whitney that Ivy knows that she is pregnant. Theresa and Whitney go rushing into the next room where Ivy says that she is going to give out Christmas presents. Chad and Ethan are there as well waiting to see what it is that Ivy wants to share with them. She has a maid with her and introduces her to the kids. Rebecca walks in upset with Ivy and telling her that she is the mistress of the house now. Ivy doesnít care what she thinks. Ivy says that she would like to enjoy the Christmas spirit. She remembers the last time that they were all together was down in Bermuda. Ivy has a maid named Sheila with her and she asks everyone if they know or remember the maid. Julian canít seem to remember her at all. Ivy turns to Theresa with a coy little smile. Theresa is afraid thinking that Ivy has something up her sleeve to embarrass her with. Pilar goes to the maid to talk to her, as she will be working for Ivy. Pilar asks her if she has ever loved anyone with all her heart. The maid says that she has. Pilar explains that her daughter was accused of leaking family news to the tabloids. She explains how her daughter was giving drinks and somehow her daughter married Julian Crane. Theresa thought that she was marrying Ethan and not Julian. Julian is beside himself with Pilar saying the things that she is. Pilar only wants the woman to know what kind of people she will be working for. Ivy says that the maid has some stories of her own to tell. Ivy asks the woman to tell them if she remembers seeing anyone down in Bermuda and under which circumstances. The maid denies that she has seen anyone in Bermuda under any strange circumstances. Ivy I angry with the woman for not telling the truth about TheresaÖIvy gets the maid away from the crowd and tells the maid that she will have to leave the country. The maid couldnít hurt Theresa, she just couldnít. She leaves and Ethan comes up to talk to Ivy asking her what is going on with her. Ivy says that she wanted Theresa and Ethan to stop by so that she could give them a check for charity that they are to deliver. She simply saw the check on the table and came up with the idea. Ethan thinks that her request is reasonable. The kids prepare to leave and Ivy grabs Theresa holding her back. She tells Theresa that she knows that she is pregnant and she is not going to wait long to reveal that fact. Theresa goes up to Whitney and tells her that she has to stay with her decision. It is the only thing that she can do at this point.

Rebecca thinks that things are really weird around the house. Rebecca is going to make Ivy understand whom the woman of the house is. She and Julian go running up the stairs for a little fun. They have champagne and Julian is drinking to his good fortune at how things have turned out. Rebecca is just glad that Julian never slept with that Theresa. She is sure that Theresa would have gone after him for child support and alimony. He toasts to his good luck that Theresa isnít pregnant.

Tabitha walks in and gets a surprise because the kids next door have decorated her home. Tabitha is worried about what the demons in the basement are going to think of the decorations. Suddenly there is growling from the basement. Reese is very suspicious of the noise. Tabitha walks off and canít help wondering what Kay has been up to. She leaves to tend to the demons as they are summoning her.

Miguel and 'Charity' are having strained relations ever since she kissed Hank. Kay knows that her plans are working perfectly. Kay knows that she is going to have Miguel soon, very soon.

Timmy is alone in the kitchen when the Angel Girl arrives to him. She tells him that his wish may come true and that he may be able to become a boy. Tabitha hears what is going on in the kitchen and she comes in telling Timmy that he is not going to be a real boy. She will not allow it. She tells the Angel Girl to get out of there because Timmy is hers. Tabitha makes a grab for her, but she disappears. Timmy turns to the table and there is a little sparkle on the table with the Angle Girlís voice telling him that there is hope. Tabitha tells him that he is her doll and that is that. She calls for 'Charity' who says that she isnít feeling well so she sent Kay with Miguel to see the Nutcracker. Tabitha can tell that Kayís plan is working. Kay is strong enough to get anything that she wants. This is very good for Tabitha and Timmy.

Grace and Sam are upset again by David. There were papers that David should have signed and he avoided signing them. He takes the papers with him and Sam is angry that Grace didnít force him to sign the papers right away. She didnít want to force David to sign the papers because it is ChristmasÖDavid has left the house but he watches Grace and Sam talk through the window. He is sorry that he causes Grace such trouble but Ivy makes him do it.

Miguel is at the Opera and Kay shows up. Miguel wonders what she is doing there and Kay explains that Charity is not feeling well. Miguel offers to go home right away but Kay says that Charity wanted him to go with Kay. He says that he will watch the show then with Kay since that is what Charity seems to want.

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