Passions Update Wednesday 12/19/01



Passions Update Wednesday 12/19/01 --Canada; Thurs., 12/20/01 --USA

By Glynis

Pilar has been shopping and this year is special because this is going to be the most wonderful Christmas ever. After all these years, Antonio is going to be home for Christmas. Miguel canít believe the news. Pilar is not sure that Antonio is coming and when. She heard his voice and dropped the phone. She has been waiting for Antonio to come for years. She didnít get to talk to Antonio, as Luis picked up the phone. Luis says that he talked to Sheridan on the phone. Miguel knows that is impossible because Sheridan is dead. Luis even tried to get the number that was calling. Miguel is not so sure that Antonio was the one that was calling. Pilar is sure that Antonio was the one that was calling. How could Antonio be on the same call as Sheridan? Miguel thinks that she and Luis wanted to hear those voices so much that they imagined it. Pilar thinks that he is wrong.

Luis is sure that he heard Sheridanís voice on the phone. He is sure of it but she is still not there. Luis hears a voice. He is about to blow out his candle that he lit for her. He wants her to come back to him but he guesses that he will never get that wish afterall. He is about to blow out his candle when he hears that sweet voice again telling him not to blow out the candle because his miracle has come through. He hoped and prayed that she would come back to him and now he doesnít have to worry about that anymore because she is there. She loves him too with all of her heart and soul. He goes to hug her and she vanishes from before him. He realizes that he has been hallucinating.

Antonio is dreaming of his return home. Luis meets his brother outside of the family house and they talk for the first time. Luis tells him that his mother has been waiting for Antonio to call or send word for years and Antonio sent nothing. Antonio says that he has a special woman now who thinks that he should get back in touch with his family. Antonio had to go and couldnít tell his family why. Luis thinks that is typical. Antonio isnít planning to stay. Luis begs him not to put Pilar through this again. She doesnít deserve this. Antonio wants to see his mother. Luis points to the window and tells him to see his mother. Now that he has, Luis tells him to leave. Luis will not let him hurt this family and his mother again. Luis goes back in the house leaving Antonio alone. Antonio wakes from his dream knowing that his brother is right. He canít go home. He should just stay away.

Theresa meets up with Ethan at the coffeehouse. She tells him that she hasnít been feeling that well. Whitney watches as she talks with Ethan. Ethan canít believe that Lynne jumped to conclusions about Theresa being pregnant because she wasnít feeling well. Ethan is meeting a client and wants to take Theresa with him. Theresa turns to her food and canít eat it. Ethan notices that she canít eat anything. Again Ethanís mind goes to what Lynne said the night before about Theresa being pregnant with Julianís baby. If Lynne were there she would really think that Theresa was pregnant now. Theresa says that is the craziest idea ever. Ethan knows that Theresa would never have slept with Julian. If she did, he knows that she would tell him and then he would have to kill Julian. He is glad that there are no more secrets between them. Ethan has to go and see his client and he leaves Whitney with Theresa. Whitney is sorry for her friend. She knows how hard this is for Theresa. Theresa has to keep this secret. She still feels that she has only one choice. She is going to get an abortion. This seems to be the only way for her. She has to think of the baby as something else to get through this. She canít hurt Ethan. Whitney finds that she is in denial about what she is doing. This is going to hit her and then what is she going to do? She already thinks about this all the time. Theresa wants her to stop calling it a baby. Whitney is sure that Theresa is not able to go through with this. She is going to regret this for the rest of her life. This is going to destroy Theresa. Theresa canít listen to this right now. She has an appointment at the womenís clinic. She puts on her coat and leaves the coffeehouse. Outside, she stops in the snow and thinks about what she is about to do.

'Diana' is telling Liz that she had a dream about her past the night before. She was getting ready for her trip and she answered the phone. It was the man that she loves and he was telling her that he is alive and he hasnít been able to live his life without her. They were never to be separated again. 'Diana' knows that was only a dream. Liz thinks that the dream might have been trying to tell her something. 'Diana' doubts it. Her true love is dead. Liz thinks that maybe her love is out there and is thinking about 'Diana' and wondering where she is at this moment. Brian comes out announcing that he is not going home to his family. He is going to stay in Bermuda instead. .'Diana' goes to get them some food. Liz tells Brian that he is running from his family and she wants to know what that thing is that is keeping him from his family. He doesnít want to talk about that. She notices that he has been acting strange ever since he was asked to take the boat over to Harmony. Liz figures it out. Brianís family lives in Harmony and that is why he doesnít want to go back. Sheridan comes back to the table and explains about making a call to Harmony and Brianís strange behaviour. Brian tells them that it is best for everyone if he doesnít see his family again.

Luis knows that Sheridan is gone, but he canít stop thinking about her. Pilar comes into the kitchen and brings food with her. She is going to make a big celebration and she is going to cook Antonioís favorite food. She is also going to make Sheridanís favorite food. Pilar is using her faith thinking that Antonio and Sheridan will be with them over the holidays. How can Luis explain the phone call the night before? Luis is sure that the call wasnít real. Pilar knows that they wouldnít mistake Sheridanís or Antonioís voice. Luis wants to know how Antonio and Sheridan could be on the same call together. Why would they be together? Why would they be together? Pilar doesnít know but she does know that her son is coming home. She lights a candle lit for her son. She offers a candle for Luis to light for Sheridan. He takes it reluctantly from his mother. He decides that he canít light the candle for Sheridan. He wants to start facing the fact that Sheridan is not coming back and he wants Pilar to start understanding that Antonio is not coming back too.

Tabitha and Timmy are sharing martinis and they are sure that they will never see Sheridan again.

Kay talks to 'Charity' telling her that she is to keep pushing Miguel away so that Kay can pick up the pieces. Kay thinks that Miguel is going to realize that she is the one that he really wants anyway. The doppelganger will help Kay get whatever she wants.

Miguel is telling Simone that he hasnít spoken to Charity and he doesnít want to wake her up. He decides to call her after a while. 'Charity' goes for the phone and Kay grabs it. She doesnít want 'Charity' to answer the phone. They have to decide what to do with Miguel first. Tabitha and Timmy are listening and they want to see what Kay is going to do nextÖKay thinks that they should take things a little slower. Kay tells 'Charity' what she should do next. Her plan is not making sense to 'Charity'. Kay tells her to follow the plan in order for it to workÖKay walks in with 'Charity' and 'Charity' goes straight for Miguel and kisses him for a long time. Tabitha and Timmy are watching the whole thing go down and Tabitha thinks that Kay has come up with a great idea in order to get her manÖSimone thinks that Kay is up to something but Kay doesnít tell her what. Miguel and Charity are fine now and Simone thinks that now there is nothing to worry about.

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