Passions Update Monday 12/17/01



Passions Update Monday 12/17/01 --Canada; Tues. 12/18/01 --USA

By Glynis

Lynne can tell that Theresa is pregnant and Theresa denies it in front of her friends. Once alone, Lynne figures out the mystery. She figures out that Julian Crane impregnated Theresa. Lynne knows that Theresa is trying to keep a dangerous secret. The secret isn’t good for Theresa or the baby. Theresa comforted Lynne with her secret and Lynne tells her that she can be trusted too. Theresa admits to the assumptions. Theresa knows that Lynne would still be with her boyfriend if she had gone ahead and had the abortion. Whitney takes Theresa from the table. Theresa tells her that she has no choice. She is going to have to have the abortion. Whitney tells her again to tell the truth to Ethan. Theresa is determined to have the abortion but not tell Ethan about that either. Whitney begs her not to do this. Theresa feels that abortion is the only way or she will lose Ethan forever.

Reese and Jessica are about to go into the cave where the real Charity is stashed in the block of ice. Kay sees them heading in there and runs after them to stop them. They see that Kay is safe and they see the fake Charity. Reese tells everyone that they should explore this really great cave that he found. To make him forget about the cave, Kay throws her arms around Reese’s neck and pulls him to her to share a kiss. Everyone watches…Timmy walks off needing time to think alone. He leaves and Tabitha continues to watch…Kay finishes off kissing Reese and Simone wants an explanation. Reese still wants to explore the caves. 'Charity' says that they should go get some hot chocolate. Kay picks up on that idea and the kids all go together. Kay wants to go off by herself to get her bag. Reese will meet her later over hot chocolate. Kay gets away from the kids, but what if someone else goes into the cave? She has to hide Charity forever. Tabitha likes the way that Kay thinks. Kay goes into the cave and gets her bag laughing at Charity frozen in the cave. She suddenly sees the book of spells floating in front of her and she walks over to it and finds a spell immediately that is perfect.

Stones and Rocks…Leaves and debris…Close this cave for eternity.

Now when Charity thaws out she will be stuck in the rock. But then she will die. She thinks that she will come up with something that will help her take care of Charity when the time comes.

Grace and Sam are together sharing a bottle of wine and Grace decides to put everything troublesome out of her mind.

David talks to Ivy and he learns that Grace put a curse upon her long ago. Ivy ignored it and thinks that nothing has happened to her all this time. David wonders if Grace has special powers as Charity does.

Chad and Ethan finds Gavin and tell him that they have found him in order to save him from making the biggest mistake of his life. They don’t want him to abandon Lynne because she is pregnant. Chad and Ethan are making it their business. Gavin feels that he can’t be saddled with a baby while he is going to school. How could he abandon the woman that he loved? He will always wonder what might have been. Ethan tells him to do the right thing and come with them to see Lynne.

The kids all go and get some hot chocolate and Miguel gives 'Charity' the hot chocolate but 'Charity' doesn’t want it. Miguel thought that she really wanted the drink. She rudely tells him that she doesn’t want it. Simone tells 'Charity' that she owes Miguel an apology. Kay smiles to herself as she watches her Doppelganger treat Miguel rudely.

Chad and Ethan return telling Lynne that they went off to find her boyfriend Gavin so that he would come and see her. She doesn’t see him anywhere. She knows that he doesn’t want anything to do with she and the baby. She was right. You tell a guy that you are pregnant and they turn around and leave you. Gavin ends up showing up and Lynne and Gavin seem to have a wonderful time reuniting. Ethan brings up Theresa being pregnant. He knows that she was on the pill the night that they made love, so she couldn’t be pregnant. They kiss. Ivy watches through a window.

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