Passions Update Wednesday 12/12/01



Passions Update Wednesday 12/12/01 --Canada; Thurs., 12/13/01 --USA

By Glynis

The kids meet a girl that got pregnant and she lost her boyfriend forever. Ethan and Chad leave the girls to talk to the girl who lost her boyfriend and Whitney tries to make her understand that things are going to be all right. Theresa stares at the girl knowing that she could be that girl if Ethan ever found out that she was pregnant for Julian.

Tabitha and Timmy can see that Kay has been trying her best to start trouble…Kay is in the snow doing spells and a bright light surrounds her. Blood fall from her winter hat, down her face…Charity gets a sensation that her feet are getting cold. In fact, she is being turned to glass slowly from the skates up. Kay’s spell is working. Tabitha and Timmy are ecstatic at the thought that Charity will finally be stopped…Tabitha and Timmy can see that the blood coming from Kay’s head is demon’s blood and Charity is sure to be dead soon…Charity is covered from head to toe now by the snow and by the time that she realizes it, it is too late. All that she can do is make a startled look on her face. That is the way that she is frozen…with her mouth open and her eyes wide as ever.

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