Passions Update Tuesday 12/4/01



Passions Update Tuesday 12/4/01 --Canada; Wed., 12/5/01 --USA

By Glynis

Pilar finds evidence of a pregnancy test and Pilar thinks that Theresa may be pregnant. Pilar realizes that things are going terribly wrong for her daughter again. Julian and Harper walk into the room and Pilar turns on Julian again sure that he has ruined her life once again.

The woman that helped to make the bomb that blew up the boat that Luis and Sheridan were on is at Lizís place. She meets Sheridan but canít believe that the woman has lost her memory and is alive. This is a miracle. The woman has to agree. She hears that Liz refers to Sheridan as 'Diana'. The woman gets on the phone and makes a call to Harmony.

Charity is with Grace and she thinks that something evil is around the sofa. Grace believes her and she holds her niece and promises to check out the sofa. Kay changed into Charity is behind the sofa and that is what Charity is feeling. 'Charity' crawls from behind the couch and runs up the stairs to avoid being found by her mother and her cousin. Miguel comes in worried that Kay hasnítí been seen for a while. They all decide to go upstairs to see if they can find Kay. Tabitha and Timmy think that they are doomed now with a capital D.

Theresa is pregnant and she hasnít told Ethan the newsÖWhitney is happy for her friend that she is going to get another chance with the man that she loves. Theresa runs from the room and Whitney follows her. The doorbell rings. In come Ivy and Luis. She is there for the celebration.

Theresa goes to a room upstairs and when Whitney gets there Theresa is crying. There is no way that she can keep this secret from Ethan. She is pregnant. Whitney canít believe this. She is going to have Julianís baby. Someone is outside the door and the knob slowly turns in the door.

Luis brings his glass of champagne from the party at the Craneís and sits alone outside. He remembers times with Sheridan. Maybe when Brian and 'Diana' arrive, Luis will get the information that he needs.

Julian is with Harper and he is happy that everything is turning out all right for him. The phone rings and it is the female bomber, June that he hired to kill Sheridan. She reminds him that she was the one that was hired to kill his sister. Why is she calling now? She tells him that there is something that she has to tell him.

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