Passions Update Monday 12/3/01



Passions Update Monday 12/3/01 --Canada; Tues. 12/4/01 --USA

By Glynis

Sam and Pilar hope that love is strong enough for Theresa and Ethan. Sam spoke to Ivy and she promised to back off the Ethan and Theresa thing. Pilar doubts that Ivy is going to go back to the woman that Sam knew long ago. Sam is sure that Theresa and Ethan are going to be able to get over their problems.

'Charity' is at the house and she meets up with Miguel who gives her a slice of pizza. She hasn’t been having premonitions. She forgot to bring over the book of spells and has to leave to go back to get it.

'Diana' remembers that she was from Harmony. She has a pull to go there. She remembers kissing a dark handsome man. She wonders if they have gazebos in Harmony. She has a memory of the man that died. She saw him standing near the gazebo.

Theresa learns that she is pregnant. Eve tells her that she has to tell Ethan the truth. Theresa is sure that her love with Ethan will finally be over. Theresa asks Eve is she ever had a secret. Eve remembers telling Ivy that she had a baby once and the doctor told her that something had happened and her son had died. She knows what it is like to lose a baby. She kept it a secret all her life. You wish that you could tell the people that you love. Theresa can’t believe her ears. Eve pretends that she had a patient that kept a secret like this and she has lived to regret it. She says the baby died soon after birth. The woman’s husband still doesn’t know that she had a baby for another man. The man doesn’t know to this day. This is history and they have to find a way to deal with the problem at hand. Ethan has to be told. Theresa is pregnant and that has to deal with this. When Ivy learns the truth, she is going to make sure that Ethan hates her forever.

'Charity' has the book and she searches the spell book for something that will change her back into herself, (Kay).

Miguel is with Charity and he talks of her having the first slice of pizza. She knows that she never had a first slice of pizza with Miguel. He says that it is good that she is not having anymore premonitions. She tells him that she never said anything like that. Grace leaves the kitchen and finds 'Charity' in the livingroom not understanding how 'Charity' could be there when she was just left in the kitchen. 'Charity' tells her ‘aunt’ that everything will be okay. Grace tells 'Charity' that she knows that Kay is interested in Miguel but Kay will not prevail. Grace says that she wishes that Kay could be more like Charity. Grace leaves her and Kay tells herself that her mother is really going to hate what she is going to become soon. Kay is good and mad and she will get Miguel at any costs. Tabitha and Timmy are watching and they like what Kay has become.

Ivy tells Sam and Pilar that she overheard Theresa talking and she is a liar. There is more to tell. Sam doesn’t’ believe that Theresa has a big secret. Ivy is sure that Eve is lying to protect Theresa too. Sam tells Ivy to stop with the accusations. Theresa and Ethan should be working out their own problems…Luis and Ethan come into the Crane house. Sam tells Luis to get out of there. He is going to lose his career as a cop if he keeps acting the way that he has. Pilar begs him to go and calm down. Luis agrees to go but he will be back. Theresa’s future is in their hands.

Luis decides to call Bermuda and the connection is bad. Luis is talking to Sheridan and he doesn’t even know it. Liz takes the phone and the line is clear again. She tells him that 'Diana' answered the phone. He tells Liz that he is sorry that he had to run off, he had some family trouble. Liz is sorry that Luis didn’t get to meet 'Diana'. She tells him that 'Diana' is going on the boat with Brian and he will get to meet her. Liz sets up a dinner date for 'Diana' and Luis. Luis can’t understand why the island had such a hold on him…'Diana' thinks that she may have recognized Luis’ voice. She decides to talk to him right away to see if he was someone that she knew.

The annulment papers are there and it is time to sign the papers. As soon as she signs the papers, Theresa will be rid of Julian forever…Ivy goes to Ethan telling him that Theresa is keeping another secret. Ethan will not listen to anymore of his mother’s lies. Ethan believes that his fiancée has no more secrets. Ethan goes over to Theresa and tells her that he has gone over the annulment and everything is rock solid. She wants no money. Harper tells Julian to apologize to Theresa and get this over with. Julian apologizes. Ethan wonders if there is something that he should bring up. Julian only wants to sign the papers and have this done with. Ethan has some questions and he thinks that he should keep them to himself. Ivy thinks that he can ask the question then if it doesn’t make a difference. He asks the question: "Since there was no intimacy…there can be no question of complications. He wants to make sure that Theresa is not pregnant. He asks her, "You are not pregnant are you Theresa?" Pilar tells her to tell the truth and get on with the annulment signing. v Charity thinks that she should go and find Kay. She can’t help thinking that something evil is happening to Kay.

'Charity' is in the living room and she bumps into Charity coming to find Kay. Both women stand looking at each other’s likeness.

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