Passions Update Wednesday 11/28/01



Passions Update Wednesday 11/28/01 --Canada; Thurs., 11/29/01 --USA

By Glynis

Tabitha and Timmy are trying to find a way to stop Charity from getting her full powers. Timmy and Tabitha will be up the creek if Charity gets any stronger. Tabitha is with Charity, Grace and Kay and she is telling the ladies that she would do anything to make them more comfortable. The ladies leave the room and Tabitha sits down again to find the right spell for getting Kay with Miguel. Tabitha finds the right spell and marks it so that Kay will read the spell and find it quickly to control Charity’s powers.

Julian’s gun has gone off and Theresa has dropped to the floor. Turns out that Theresa is not dead. She was only frightened from the gun shot noise. She thought that Luis was shot. If Julian had shot Theresa, Ethan would have killed him. Ivy thinks that Julian should just kill himself. Luis is still trying to get to Julian. He finally makes it and he gets his hands around Julian’s neck and squeezes. They pull him off and everyone calms down…Theresa knows that Julian is in trouble. Luis is going to kill him. Ivy watches Theresa and Whitney whisper and she knows that Theresa is still hiding something from Ethan. Ethan just wants the papers signed so that they can get on with the wedding for Theresa. Ethan thinks that his relationship has grown stronger because of all this. No more secrets, no more lies. Eve brings Theresa and Whitney to the library to check her over. Julian stops Eve asking her to look at his finger. She grabs it and squeezes it causing him pain…Sam is still there and Ethan thanks him for being there. He thinks that Sam should be with Grace and not there. Sam goes to the door to leave and Ivy follows him to the door and tells him not to leave. She thinks that Julian is going to get what is coming to him but not by Ethan’s hands. She is sure that Theresa is hiding something. Sam agrees to stay for a longer while to make Ivy feel better.

Sheridan is still with Brian in Bermuda and she can remember a time when everything was so perfect for her. She remembered almost drowning at sea. Someone pulled her out of the water. The memories that she has are so frightening. He would like to take her back to the States on the boat, but she can’t bring herself to do it and get on the boat with him. He has to go to the states and she says that she will wait for him on the island. Someday she will reconnect with the man that she lost. She knows that everyone says that her true love is dead, but she still hopes for the best. When love is deep and passionate, it doesn’t die that easily. The love that she shared with the man, will last forever and she knows that she will be reunited with him again.

Liz and Doc discuss coincidences and how they affect people. Liz remembers Harmony. The place used to mean the world to her and she wonders what would happen if she went back to Harmony. 'Diana' and Brian enter the bar again and 'Diana' announces that she will not be going back to the states with Brian. Liz tells Brian that he should go to a small port near New England. The place that he is looking for is called Harmony. At the mention of the name of the town, 'Diana' drops her cup of coffee. "Harmony! I know a town called Harmony!" Charity, Grace and Kay go to the bedroom so that Charity can lie down. Grace asks Kay if she is up to something. Grace gets premonitions sometimes and she follows them. That is why she believes Charity when she says that evil is near. Look at all the things that have happened to them. What if some of those premonitions are true. Someone with evil in their heart may use the evil to hurt someone else.

Theresa is being examined by Eve and she tells her that the tension is going to be over soon. Eve wonders if Theresa has noticed anything wrong with her body. Theresa has been tired more than usual. She has also had some weird cravings for Rocky Road ice cream. Eve is shocked at that. She suggests that Theresa let her run a simple test to make sure that nothing else is wrong with her. Eve goes to her bag and Whitney comes over to talk to Theresa. Whitney is not sure that Julian will keep his mouth shut about the sex that he had with Theresa…Eve is looking through her bag and thinking to herself…She runs the test and tells Theresa that she has the results of that test. Theresa is fine but there is something else that she has to know. Eve tells her that she is pregnant.

Beth and Pilar discuss Luis’ condition. Pilar wonders if Beth and Luis could get together. Beth still loves Luis.

Kay comes downstairs to where Tabitha is standing with Timmy. Kay thinks that Tabitha is the only one that understands what she is going through. Grace is her mother and she doesn’t understand what Kay is going through. Tabitha tells her to sit down and she will go and get a cup of tea. Kay is left alone and she finds the spell book on the couch. Kay starts leafing through the book and she finds the marked page. She reads the page and the spell that is marked. This is the spell that Kay needs to make Miguel hers. Tabitha and Timmy are in the kitchen knowing that Kay has found the appropriate spell to get Miguel for her own. Kay does the spell and is instantly turned into 'Charity'. She doesn’t mind the change at all. Miguel comes into the house and finds the new and improved 'Charity'. They start kissing and 'Charity' holds on to him for dear life.

Luis and Ethan sit and discuss everlasting love. Beth and Pilar hear Luis saying that he will never love anyone else like he loved Sheridan. Luis knows that Theresa would do anything to jeopardize her love for Ethan…Ivy hears how much love that Ethan has for Theresa. Sam thinks that is the same love that he has for Grace.

Harper suggests to Julian that he may not be able to hide the truth about sleeping with Theresa if he happened to have gotten her pregnant.

Charity can’t rest in the bed. She tells Grace that she has to get up and figure out what the evil is in the house.

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