Passions Update Tuesday 11/27/01



Passions Update Tuesday 11/27/01 --Canada; Wed., 11/28/01 --USA

By Glynis

Sam and Pilar are in the middle of a terrible fight. Sam separates the ladies and leaves the room. Ivy doesnít care. Theresa will never get Ethan is she can help it. Pilar hopes that she is wrong.

4 Theresa is with Whitney, Ethan and Julian and she is faking a stomach ache. She came in the office because she wanted to make sure that Ethan and Julian were not fighting again. Julian doesnítí know that Ethan doesnít know about his sleeping with Theresa. Harper comes in from a back door whispering to Harper that Ethan doesnít know the truth.

Luis knows the truth now and he is going to make Julian pay for what he has done. Beth is trying to stop Luis from going into the Crane house, but she canít. Luis starts banging on the door.

Charity is having pain and more premonitions. Kay thinks that this is too weird. Charity is holding her stomach sure that her premonitions are going to tear a man and woman apart. Reese hears somethin in the kitchen. He goes to check it out. Reese enters the kitchen and finds the room full of babies.

Julian and Harper are in Julianís office and Julian puts his gun in his pocket and leaves Ethan sitting in the office with Whitney and Theresa. Sam comes in and wants to talk to Ethan and Theresa. He knows that things are going to get tougher. He would like to offer Ethan some advice. He tells them that Grace nearly left him over secrets that he had about Ivy. Ethan says that he has smoothed everything out with Theresa and she knows that she canít lie to him anymore about anything or they canít be married. All they have to do is sign the papers and end her farce of a marriage.

Timmy has accidentally cast a spell and it didnít work out the way that they wanted. The kitchen filled with babies in basinettes. Reese walked in and found the babies in the kitchen with Tabitha and Timmy. Reese runs to get the kids to show them the babies. The kids all run back to see the babies, but Timmy managed to find a spell to make the babies disappear and Reese is left again looking like an idiot. Kay tells him to lay off the witch stuff. Jessica leaves because she needs air. She drags Reese out with her and Tabitha and Timmy are left with Kay. She leaves and Tabitha goes back to the book to get the right spell for stopping Miguel and Charity from getting together.

Someone is knocking on the Crane door and Julian panics thinking that Luis is coming to kill him. Luis gets in the house and soon everyone is in the foyer. Julian panics and pulls his gun from his pocket pointing it at everyone in the room. Making sweeping movements with his arms causing everyone to scream. Julian panics and the gun goes off. Theresa falls and they look down on her. She is lying very still.

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