Passions Update Monday 11/26/01



Passions Update Monday 11/26/01 --Canada; Tues. 11/27/01 --USA

By Glynis

Ethan has arranged everything to get Theresa separated from Julian. He loves her and is trying to reestablish their arrangements. As long as she is not keeping anymore secrets from him they can get married and everything else will be over.

Whitney talks with Pilar who is terrified that Ethan is going to find out that Theresa slept with Julian. Whitney thinks that Theresa’s secret is going to be safe. Who is going to tell Ethan the truth?

Julian and Harper think that Ethan knows that Julian slept with Theresa. Ethan doesn’t know but they think that he does. They are amazed at what a straight arrow Ethan is. Julian wonders how Ethan accepted the news so easily.

Grace and Sam are looking forward to having their own place again. They can do some of the work themselves. They can start painting that night. Their house is a safe place, like the walls of a castle. After everything that has happened, they really need their own place. Sam tells her that they have to hold on to their lives and not let anything get between them. David is watching from the window above.

Tabitha and Timmy are discussing Tabitha being found out to be a witch. If Miguel and Charity make love, they are going to be found out for sure…Miguel and Charity are in the livingroom with Kay and Charity knows that the book is in the room and that the book is going to destroy them. Over their shoulders, Kay sees the book and that it is hovering in the air behind them. Tabitha and Timmy decide that they have to get the book before it is see by Miguel and Charity. Charity suddenly sees the book and points to it shouting, "It is right there!" She points and all the kids, including Kay turn to see what she is pointing at. They see a book but it isn’t the book that Charity thought that it was. Simone can see that Kay is relieved. Charity says that the book that she saw was a different book, an evil book. They are planning Charity’s birthday party and they go back to that. Tabitha had gotten the book and replaced it with a bible… Tabitha now has the book in her hot little hand. She is searching for the right spell so that Kay will easily find it. Tabitha will mark the spell for Kay to see…While looking for the right spell Timmy says one out loud and Tabitha shouts at him to stop. Too late. The spell that Timmy has made causes Charity to have a terrible stomach ache. Soon Charity will have even more premonitions than ever.

Theresa thinks that there may be a chance that Ethan could find out that she slept with Julian so she tries to hurry upstairs to get the papers for the annulment before Ethan learns anymore. Ethan enters the room before she can get upstairs. Theresa has to talk to Julian right away to let him know that Ethan doesn’t know that she slept with Julian.

Pilar and Ivy are talking and Pilar is trying to get Ivy to calm down. Pilar thinks that Ivy is being bitter because she never got to be with Sam like she wanted to. Ivy thinks that Pilar has no idea what she is talking about. Ivy says that she has always loves Sam and she always will. Sam has walked in behind Pilar and Ivy talking and he hears what has been said and he asks Ivy, "What the hell are you up to now?" He wants to know why he was called over there. Ivy tells him that she loves him still. She will always love him but she knows that there is no future for them. That hasn’t changed the way that she feels for him. She says that she called Sam over to discuss Ethan. She is worried about her son. Ivy thinks that Sam is the only one that can keep Ethan from doing harm to Julian. Ivy thinks that Theresa is still lying to Ethan and if there is a secret, Ethan may go crazy again. She denies trying to rekindle anything with Sam. She doesn’t think that she can undermine he and Grace from this wheelchair. She says that she knows when to give up. Pilar watches as she puts on her act. Sam apologizes to her for the way that things have been with them. He is trying to believe what she is saying. She starts crying and he hugs her. Pilar and Ivy share an evil look at each other over Sam’s shoulder. Sam leaves to wait in the next room for Ethan. Pilar tells Ivy that she is a liar and Ivy thinks that Pilar is a hypocrite. Ivy lies to Sam easily but she doesn’t expect others to do the same. What Ivy has done is far worse than anything that Theresa has ever done.

Grace goes looking through that house and finds David painting. He tells her that he thought that he would help with setting up the house. He tells her that he wants her to feel safe in her house, she should feel secure. She has no idea that he was listening before. That is why he is saying the things that he is saying now. He tells her that he only wants what is best for her. He says that he has given up on her and he knows that she will never give up on Sam. Grace doesn’t want to hurt David’s feelings but she doesn’t want him. He has something to say, but he doesn’t want to seem like he is undermining Sam. He wants what she wants. She has amnesia and she doesn’t remember their lives before. She doesn’t see David as a threat. Sam is threatened because he still has feelings for Ivy. Grace thinks that is wrong. Grace thinks that he should keep his feelings to himself. He is sure that no one can come between them. David tells her that he hopes that she is right. He still has his doubts.

Theresa is sneaking through the Crane house and she gets into the room where the Julian stays. She calls for him. She finds a bathroom door in the bedroom and she says, "Ethan can never find out that Julian slept together. She could lose Ethan forever and she is afraid that she could lose Ethan forever."

Ethan is in Julian’s office and he finds a gun in his desk. He picks it up and looks at it closely. He returns it and Julian walks in and can’t believe that Ethan is in such a good frame of mind. Julian is happy that Ethan is not going to kill him. Ethan would like to tear him apart but he won’t. This is Julian’s nature though. Julian tells Ethan that he is being very mature. Ethan just wants to move on. Ethan is taking this much better than Julian would. Everything that happened between he and Theresa would have angered Julian terribly if the shoe had been on the other foot. Ethan somehow is not understanding what Julian is saying.

Grace calls Sam and learns that he is waiting to speak to Ethan before he comes home. Grace tells Sam that David has given up on her. Sam says that Ivy wants him only to be happy too. Everything seems to be turning for them. Soon they will be moving into their new house and living their new lives.

David makes a call to his bosses. Jessica is nearby and hears him talking on the phone. He is telling someone that he has a new photo shoot and that he has to stay away longer.

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