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Passions Update Thursday 11/15/01 --Canada; Friday 11/16/01 --USA

By Glynis

Theresa tells her friend Whitney how Ethan found out that she married Julian. He was so angry. This time is different. Ivy made him promise that if she lied about anything he would break up with her for good. That is how she knows that she has lost him for good.

Ethan is off by himself thinking of the love that he had for Theresa. She was beautiful when she modeled for him in the Bahamas… when they were kissing…when he put the ring on her finger…when they told each other that they loved each other. He remembers when he saw the fax knowing that she lied to him. She lied to him again. Why did she do this to him? Ethan sees an etching in some wood saying that he and Theresa love each other and he tries his best to destroy and ends up having a tantrum.

Liz has just heard 'Diana' talking about the Titanic and she thinks that 'Diana' may have a connection to the guy that is living next door to her. Brian is finding this hard to believe. 'Diana' seems to be remembering what is going on. Brian reminds her that the guy that is in the next room said that his fiancée died. That means that 'Diana' isn’t and couldn’t be his true love. Liz thinks that Brian is afraid that she may be right. They look down on 'Diana' and she tosses in her sleep. She is dreaming. Dreaming of her time on the Titanic. When she was Suzie and he was Leon. He brought her a rose on deck and went inside to wait for her to enter when she could. She did come to secretly meet him She tells him that he shouldn’t have come. It is dangerous for him to be on this deck. They will always find a way to be together. 'Diana' calls out in her sleep. "Titanic…" Liz and Brian look at each other concerned. Liz notices that 'Diana' has a boom box in her room. Brian shows her the CD that he gave her to play on the boom box and it has a soundtrack of the movie "Titanic" on it. That is what Brian thinks 'Diana' is dreaming of. He is sure of that… Sheridan is dreaming again. She is telling her sweet Leon that she will love him forever and ever. They kiss in the dream… Liz was hoping that 'Diana' was really that guy’s fiancée. That wouldn’t have to be an end for them. A fortune teller told them that they were going to love each other till the end of time. Sheridan continues dreaming about Leon her true love from the past.

Theresa loved Ethan and he trusted her and she is having the hardest time now trying to come to terms with what she has done. It was bad enough that they found out that Julian was a liar but to find out that she lied too. Ethan would have killed Julian. All that she wanted to do was prove to Ethan how much she loved him. How could that have backfired on her. Whitney warned her not to go down there. She wishes that she could turn back the clock and she would listen this time. There is nothing that anyone can do, it is too late. Whitney thinks that it is not too late. She tried to explain herself, but Julian was more worried about what Rebecca was going to do to him. Rebecca hates Theresa and believes that Theresa was trying to seduce Julian for his money. Ethan is never going to forgive her. She has caused Ethan so much pain. She has no idea where he went. She is sure that he is alone and torn up over what she has done to him. She has to make it better.

Grace goes to the hospital and finds Sam with Ivy again. Sam explains that Ethan was trying to kill Julian because he married Theresa. Ivy tells the truth. She has the evidence that proves that .Theresa was lying all along. Ethan was in love with Theresa. He is in bad shape and he lashed out at everyone. They don’t know where he is or what he is going to do next. Sam needs Grace to understand what he is going to. She understands that he has to help his son. Ivy likes how Grace is compassionate. Just because Grace knows what it is like to care for a child doesn’t mean that she trusts Ivy with her husband. She thinks that Ivy would use anything to get to her husband. She is putting Ivy on notice. She will not let anything come between she and Sam. Ivy doesn’t blame her for not trusting, but Ethan is going to need his mother and his father to get through this. Grace wouldn’t ever come between Sam and his child. Finding out about her son this way is a real shock to her and she really just needs Sam’s help in getting her son back to her. Ivy tells her that her life as she knows it is probably over. She will never resort to her old game playing again. It was futile anyway. Grace is glad that Ivy is saying what she is. Ivy needs Sam’s support and Grace is going to give that to her. Sam and Grace leave Ivy alone and she looks after them thinking that Grace is one in a million.

Hank confronts David about his tracking down Grace the way that he has. He doesn’t think that everything that David is saying is true. David thinks that Sam is the one that Hank should be concerned about and not him. Hank is still sure that David is up to something. David is supposed to be leaving and he feels that if he leaves it will be because he decides to. He makes a call, "Yeah, it is me. I tried to break Sam and Grace up and none of it is working. I don’t know what else to do."

Luis is talking to his picture of Sheridan. What he wouldn’t give for another shot with her.

Sheridan is in the next room dreaming and suddenly she gets up and she can tell that Luis is near her. She gets out of bed and puts on her robe. She walks to the patio and looks out.

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