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By Glynis

Ethan falls on Julian and is choking him for marrying Theresa. No one is able to stop this fight. All the ladies are standing around watching the fight.

Tabitha is telling Timmy of the love affair between Sheridan and Luis through the years. Tabitha had been sent to make sure that Luis and Sheridan never got together. Once on the Titanic, Sheridan and Luis met. He was a pauper and she was an aristocrat. A handsome young man comes to get Sheridan and take her upstairs where the better half stay. Tabitha sprinkled dust on the handsome young man so that he would fall for Sheridan. That was Tabithaís job. From that moment on being aboard the Titanic spelled tragic for everyone. When the ship was in trouble, Luis went looking for Sheridan but was told to go on the main deck. Their love was never to be. People were screaming and shouting and trying to save their lives. The Titanic began to break apart then. People were thrown overboard. Luis was really Leon during that time fell into the water looking for his one true love. She was already in the water and he managed to find her. He swam over to her and brought her to a floating crate. He put her on the crate so that she wouldnít freeze to death. The crate floated to a boat and Sheridan was saved, but ĎLeoní slipped into the water. Sheridan was saved by her handsome young man that loved her because of a spell that Tabitha had cast. She cries as he holds her and he lover sinks to the bottom of the sea.

At the same time, Luis is telling Liz about the fortune teller and what she told him of the previous lives that he and Sheridan had on the Titanic. Then came their tragic end. Luis tells the story of ĎLeoní and ĎSuzieí on the boat. He goes to bed and Liz wishes that Luis had told her the rest of the story.

Pilar comes to tell Sam that Ethan is trying to kill Julian and if he doesnít come now, he will have to arrest his own son for murder.

'Diana' is sleeping now and she is to rest. Brian stays with her to make sure that nothing else happens to her. He watches over her as she sleeps. He canít lose her. He loves her and has since the first day that he saw her. He hopes that he never loses her. 'Diana' shouts out in her sleep and she is calling for ĎLeoní the man from her past life that she loved.

David has brought Grace home and once again he brings to her mind that fact that he still loves her. He has no ties to the town but he can see that Sam loves Ivy. Grace tells David that Sam is her husband and in her heart she is married to Sam. David only wants her to be free from hurt. Grace is sure that Sam loves her and only her. It has been a stressful year. She lost a child and she found out that her husband used to be in love with Ivy. She canít remember anything about her marriage to David. David never meant to cause her stress. He never meant to harm her and when he saw her picture in the magazine he couldnít stay away. He is having difficulty staying away. Maybe his going away is a good thing. They can talk on the phone and he can fill in her blanks by writing to her in the notebooks. They go out to the porch and she wishes him a good trip. He tells her to stay okay. She is sure that he is wrong. She walks away from him. David canít let Grace and Sam reconcile, he just canĎt.

Ethan has his hands firmly around Julianís neck and Sam runs up and pulls him off. Julian confirms that Theresa seduced him and got him drunk, then married him. Rebecca thinks that she is a conniving witch. Ivy gives Sam the fax proving that Theresa married Julian. Theresa runs to Ethan and tells him that he has to forgive her for marrying Julian. Ethan wants an explanation from her about why this happened. He wants her to explain all her lies. Rebecca is dying to hear this. She is sure that Theresa wanted Julianís deep pockets. Ivy has to agree with her. Ethan made his mother a promise that he would break off his engagement if he found out that Theresa was lying to him. He remembers that promise. She loves him more than anything in the world. This was a mistake, Theresa didnít mean to hurt Ethan. She loves him and only him. Ethan finds it hard to believe that Theresa loves him when she lies to him so easily. Did she ever once tell the truth? Pilar tries to smooth things over. She went to Bermuda to convince Julian to take back Ethan into the family. Julian got her drunk instead and the next thing that they new they were married. Ethan thinks that Theresa and Pilar both lied to her. Ivy lied to him his whole life. She told him that he was a Crane when he really wasnít. Sam was a fine and decent man and he didnít get to know him. His whole damn life has been about lies. Julian had better stay out of Ethanís sight or Ethan may kill him. Ethan goes walking off and Theresa tries to go to him but Pilar doesnít let her goÖ Rebecca is glad for all that has happened. Now she and her daughter can live happily in the Crane mansion forever and ever. Rebecca goes to Julian and she finally understands why he has been acting the way that he has. Rebecca promises that Theresa will pay for what she has done to them.

Luis goes home and talks to his pictures of Sheridan. The disasters in their lives are no oneís fault. The Titanic is not what tore them apart.

Liz goes to see 'Diana' and Brian is there. 'Diana' is mumbling about the Titanic and the iceberg. Brian thinks that she is delirious. Liz thinks to herself, "Could it be?"

Pilar is still trying to get to Ethan, but Pilar wonít let her go. Her baby didnít mean to hurt anyone. Theresa cries on her motherís shoulder.

Ethan goes off by himself and cries. "Why did she do this? Why did she have to lie to him?"

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