Passions Update Wednesday 11/14/01



Passions Update Wednesday 11/14/01

By Glynis

At the hospital, David demands that Sam tell Grace what his first thought was when he heard about the explosion. David says "admit you love Ivy so Grace can move on with her life."

Meanwhile at Tabitha's house, A floating scroll with a picture of Luis and Sheridan arrives, Tabitha tells Timmy that the scroll is a sign something evil is about to happen. Tabitha tells Timmy that Luis and Sheridan are bound to have more pain.

In Bermuda, Doc and Brian continue to perform CPR on "Diana." Luis talks to Luis and says he feels guilty that he didn't do more to save "Diana" Luis says the situation reminds him too much of what happened with his fiancee and this time he is going to make sure that "Diana" doesn't die like his fiancee did.

Back In Harmony, Ivy finally reveals the truth about Julian and Theresa to Ethan but Ethan doesn't believe her because he thinks she has suffered a concussion. Rebecca and Gwen rejoice as they watch the action.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Grace tells David she understands why Sam thought of Ivy first when he heard the news about the explosion it was because she was in the emergency room. Sam explains to Grace that the reason he thought of Ivy first was because he thought he might need to help her out. David continues to insist Sam is unable to admit he is in love with Ivy.

Meanwhile at Tabitha's house, Tabitha laughs at Luis and Sheridan's circumstances in Bermuda because they are so close to each other but have no knowledge of one another. Tabitha begins to tell Timmy the bittersweet story of Luis and Sheridan and how they have been in love through several past lives but will never be together.

In Bermuda, Luis begins to go in to "Diana" room to see if he can help her but doc comes out and tells him she will be ok and the last thing she needs is a stranger visiting her.

At the hospital, Ivy screams in pain and Ethan asks the nurse to call Dr. Russell. Pillar tells Theresa that the only way she can save herself now is to tell Ethan the truth before Ivy does. When Eve arrives she begs Eve to examine Ivy in another room so she can tell Ethan the truth before Ivy does Eve agrees to help. Theresa asks to speak to Ethan alone but before Theresa can leave with Ethan Rebecca tells Ethan that Julian told her he married Theresa in Bermuda but Ethan says the only reason Julian told her that was because he didn't want to marry her.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sam tells Grace that Pillar told him that Ethan might try to kill someone tonight and if he didn't stay with Ethan he might have to arrest his son later. David tells Sam to be a man and admit he loves Ivy.

In Bermuda, Luis tells Liz that when Sheridan was little a fortune teller at a party had told her that she had loved a man through the ages but she would never be happy with the man she loved. Luis says that he never believed in past lives but Sheridan always believed what the fortune teller told her and she also believed in love at first sight. At the same time back in Harmony Tabitha tells Timmy about a past life that Luis and Sheridan fell in love in Rome. Tabitha says it was her assuagement from her bosses to always keep them apart.

At the Hospital, Ivy demands to know why Eve is protecting Theresa. Eve tries to convince Ivy that Theresa was a victim of Julian and she deserves the chance to tell Ethan the truth herself. Eve tells Ivy to give her that chance and Eve says she won't let her leave. Eve is beeped and tells Ivy not to leave but Ivy doesn't listen and leaves determined to get revenge on Theresa.

In Bermuda, Luis tells Liz that Sheridan had told him that in a past life they had both been passengers on the Titanic. At the same time Back in Harmony Tabitha tells Timmy the same story only with more details. She says that Luis and Sheridan were named Leeum and Susan and if they would have been able to stay together in that life they would have been happy forever. Susan was a passenger in first class and Leeum was a passenger in steerage. Tabitha's bosses assigned her to find a way to keep them apart so she sprinkled some enchanted dust on a dashing young officer which made him fall in love with Susan. Tabitha's bosses were so pleased with how well the plan worked they ordered that the man come between Luis and Sheridan in all their future lives together.

In Bermuda, Doc puts on some music to soothe an agitated "Diana" she calls out the name Leeum.

At The hospital, Ivy arrives to show Ethan a faxed copy of the marriage license from Bermuda. Ethan says he recognizes the signatures at the bottom of the license. He begs Theresa to tell him that the signature is a fake when Theresa tries to explain Ethan says I can tell by the expression on your face that its true. Ethan Explodes and says "you lied to me again Theresa" then he turns to Julian and says "your not leaving not until we settle this"

Elsewhere in the hospital, Grace says she is tired of all the arguing between David and Sam and Just wants to go home. Grace asks Sam to take her home but he says he can't because he has to review the report on the explosion. Grace gives Sam a kiss and says She will see him at Tabitha's house. David takes Grace home after they leave Sam has suspicions that David isn't who he says he is.

Tensions rise between Ethan and Julian as Ethan lunges at his former father and begins to pound on him as everyone watches in horror.

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