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Passions Update Mon. 11/12/01--Canada; Tues. 11/13/01 --USA

By Glynis

The panther has been shot with tranquilizer darts and she has fallen on Tabitha and Timmy. The zookeepers try to find the panther as they know that they have hit it. Tabitha and Timmy try their best to get out of there so that they are not discovered. The kids are trying to help the zookeepers find the panther… Tabitha and Timmy get the drugged cat off of them. Now they have to figure out how to drag the cat off with them without being found. Tabitha and Timmy drag the cat right through some mud. Kay is becoming more human with every minute as she transforms back into herself. She is a good hope for breaking up Miguel and Charity. They continue dragging him home. Later on the kids come across the tracks left by the panther being dragged through the mud. Charity is sure that there is something important about that panther and they have to find it right away. They kid go running off.

Tabitha and Timmy are still dragging the panther and now they have figured out a way to carry her home. By the time that they get to the house, Kay is back to herself. She is still unconscious but will be out of that in a short while. They are about to take Kay up to her room when Tabitha hears the kids coming.

Outside, the kids follow the tracks to Tabitha’s house… Tabitha and Timmy have to hide and that is when Timmy sees that Kay has a tail still.

Eventually, the kids go into the house and Reese confronts Tabitha about the panther and where it is. Tabitha says that Timmy is alone with her and no one else is there with them. They find Kay on the couch sleeping with a blanket on her. Tabitha tells Jessica and Charity to get up to bed. The only thing evil that Reese can see is Tabitha. Charity has a vision. She goes to Kay and stops. Something is not right her, not right at all.

Gwen and Rebecca talk and discover that when the cards are all played out they are going to have the men that they have been fighting so hard for. They go to see Theresa, Ethan and Pilar and they dig their heels in on Theresa and she can tell by the way that Gwen and Rebecca are acting that they know something and are going to tell Ethan soon. Pilar is there ready to strike. Ethan leaves them and now it is just the women there. Pilar warns them to stay away from her daughter.

Julian is caught by a cop trying to pocket a lighter that he has just picked up off the floor after the oxygen explosion. Sam is going to be very interested in this piece of news. The initials on the lighter happen to be JC which would indicate that the lighter belonged to Julian Crane.

Grace arrives at the hospital and finds Sam with Ivy. He tells her that he is sorry that he couldn’t make it to the station but he was with Ivy and she had something to tell him. David hates al of this. Grace shouldn’t be in love with someone like Sam. Sam is called out of the room and David tells Grace that she shouldn’t take everything that Sam says as gospel. She should remember what she saw when she entered the room and found Sam with Ivy at first.

Sam comes running out of the room to the fire site. He learns the news about .Julian and his lighter. A nurse found Julian in the area when the fire started. Who could have used this near Ivy? Rebecca comes up announcing that Theresa was the one that tried to kill Ivy. She says that Theresa tried to kill her too. Theresa stands panicking at what she is hearing. Ethan thinks that Rebecca is the one that would like to see Ivy dead. Sam thinks that nothing malicious was going on and drops the whole thing. Sam goes off looking for Grace. Suddenly out of the blue, Ivy comes out in a wheelchair. Rebecca and Gwen go running to her. Julian and Theresa think that their goose really has been cooked this time. Ivy tells Ethan that Theresa and Julian were married in Bermuda. His fiancée is really Julian’s wife. Ethan turns to Theresa, but all she does is shake in fear.

Sheridan is rescued by Brian and he takes her off to make sure that she is okay. Luis runs up to see what is going on and Liz is there to tell him that their friend 'Diana' was saved from drowning. Luis is trained for just an emergency and he offers to help. Liz tells him that 'Diana’s’ room is next to his. Luis goes running off to help.

Sam finds David telling his wife that he might not have gotten his ex out of his system. Sam comes out of hiding and asks David what he is trying to do. David was only trying to state the facts. Sam has to wonder if David sounds like a man that wants to make her only. David asks Sam who he was more worried about when he heard about the explosion. Sam replays the moment and Grace doesn't need him to tell her the answer. She can tell who he was thinking about when he heard about the explosion.

Brian brings 'Diana' into her room but they can’t find a pulse. Brian does CPR on her to revive her.

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