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Passions Update Monday 11/12/01 -USA

By Eva

Kay (the panther) tries to make her way back home before the men from the zoo catch up to her. Kay's hands become human again but she worries that the men from the zoo will catch up to her. The men from the zoo take aim and get ready to fire but the shot misses Kay and she jumps on the roof of Tabitha's house. Charity tells Miguel that she senses evil is nearby. Tabitha and Timmy encounter the panther that escaped from the zoo thinking it is Kay they try to catch it so they can take it back to Tabitha's house to make Kay human again.

In Bermuda, Luis thinks he hears Sheridan's voice calling for help and swims frantically to rescue her. Luis thinks he is imagining things when the voice fades away. Luis begins to swim back to the beach but Sheridan comes up for air after going under and screams for help. Luis once again swims frantically y to save the drowning person.

At the train station, David continues to make Grace doubt Sam's love for her by telling her that he stood her up to be at the hospital with Ivy. Grace urges the train conductor to hold the train because her husband the police chief is on police business and will be there soon. The conductor says he can't hold the train. Grace worries that Sam may be hurt. Sam rushes to the train station with the police going full blast. Sam hopes that Grace hasn't given up on him.

An explosion rocks the hospital the blast comes from Ivy's cubicle. Rebecca is conscious but disoriented at first. Theresa and Ivy can't wake up.

Sam gets a call on the police radio about the explosion when he is almost to the train station when he is told that the explosion was centered in the ER he says "Ivy" and heads back to the hospital.

In Bermuda, Brian wakes Liz because he is worried about "Diana" Brian fears she was very upset by the memories she had about the man she loved. Brian begs Liz to go check on her.

At the hospital, Julian ponders what life will be like without the three women in his life. Theresa finally wakes up. Sam asks Eve if Ivy will be okay. Ivy is unconscious but breathing after a brief examination Eve tells Sam that Ivy doesn't appear to be any worse then she was before the explosion. Sam vows "I'm not leaving here until I know exactly what happened."

Kay tries desperately to stay out of sight until the spell wears off. The men from the zoo take aim and get ready to shoot at Kay. Charity continues to sense something strange about the panther trapped on the roof. Tabitha and Timmy hear the news about the escaped panther on the radio and finally realize they caught the wrong panther. Tabitha and Timmy run for their lives.

Meanwhile at the train station, David urges Grace to go to the hospital because she will find Sam with Ivy. Grace tries to prove him wrong by calling Sam on his cell phone. Grace is very disappointed when nobody answers. Grace heads to the hospital hoping that David is wrong.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Ethan watches over his mother when Theresa arrives shaken but okay. Ethan tells her he doesn't know what he would have done if he lost her and his mother. Despite the explosion Ivy is still clutching the fax tightly in her hand. Theresa continues to worry that Ethan will find out the truth.

Julian talks to Harper and tells him that its a shame that Ivy, Theresa and Rebecca are dead. Julian says "I never knew that life given oxygen could be so deadly. Sam overhears him and asks Julian why he thinks Ivy Theresa and Rebecca are dead and why he thinks oxygen caused the explosion. Sam informs Julian that everyone is okay and again urges him to answer his question. Julian sees Rebecca and rushes to her side pretending to be concerned and happy that she survived awful ordeal. Rebecca blames Theresa for everything and says "if the explosion didn't kill her I will kill her myself." Sam asks Julian why Rebecca is so angry with Theresa Julian says he has no idea.

In Bermuda, Liz tells Brian "Diana" isn't in her room. Liz thinks that maybe she went to the beach for a late swim. Brian worries that the water maybe dangerous and the undertow may cause someone to drown. Brian and Liz rush to the beach to look for "Diana". Sheridan comes up again and screams for help Luis spots a woman but since its dark he can't tell its Sheridan. He swims toward her but he loses sight of her. Luis vows to find the woman who needs help.

Meanwhile at the hospital. Julian searches for the lighter he gave to Theresa because it has his initials engraved on it and if someone finds it he would be in big trouble. Julian finds the lighter and starts to put it in his pocket but a policeman who saw him pick up something asks for the object so he can show it to Chief Bennett.

When Kay is shot she falls on top of Tabitha and Timmy who struggle to get free so they can take Kay inside the house.

At the hospital, Theresa begs a begs an unconscious Ivy to loosen her grip on the fax. Sam arrives and asks Theresa what she thinks might have caused the explosion. Theresa nervously tells him she has no idea and she has to go check on Ethan. Grace and David arrive and Grace watches Sam from outside Ivy's cubicle. Rebecca tells Gwen that Julian and Theresa got married in Bermuda. Theresa tells her mother that she hasn't been able to get the fax away from Ivy. Ethan sees the worried expression on Theresa's face he asks her if there is something she isn't telling him.

In Bermuda, Liz and Brian arrive at the beach to look for "Diana" Luis continues to search for the woman who called for help. Sheridan sinks deeper under water.

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