Passions Update Friday 11/09/01


Passions Update Friday 11/9/01

By Justin

In the alley, the zookeeper tells his men to shoot the loose panther if they see him. Meanwhile, Kay is cornered by Miguel and the others. Jessica comes running up and Charity tells her to be quiet. Simone tells her the story and Jessica is worried about Kay and if the black cat got her. Kay, as the panther starts to morph into the real Kay, but back into the panther again. The zookeeper and his men start walking through the alley, looking for the panther and Kay hears that they're going to shoot her, so she runs. Reese spots the panther's tail and Kay says I've got to get out of here. Miguel and the others encounter the zookeeper and the guards. They think the teens have been smoking and ask them. They hear that Kay has went one way, so the zookeeper says load your guns men as Charity says you're gonna shoot it.

Elsewhere, Tabby and Timmy are strolling the park looking for Kay as we see the real panther going the same way they went. Tabitha hands Timmy a rope and tells him to put it on Kay's neck if she won't come. They hear growling as they turn one way and the panther comes the same way. Tabby and Timmy get back home as the panther is right behind the. Timmy sees it and starts taunting him. Tabby hands him the rope and he says come here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

On the beach, Sheridan and Luis wonder why it feels like they're in the other one's presence. Luis swims about as does Sheridan and she gets a cramp. She says I'm not letting a little cramp stop me and she starts to go under, while crying for help. Luis hears, but thinks it's just his imagination.

At the train station, the announcer gives everyone boarding the mountain seven train one more chance. Grace decides to call Sam and ask him what's taking so long. Sam tells her that he's on his way and she hangs up. David tries to plant seeds of doubt in her mind, by telling her that Sam won't make it. She reassures David and continues to wait for Sam. David tells Grace that Sam chose Ivy over her. Grace says, Sam will make it.

Sam, now in his police car heads to the train station and says that he won't let Grace down.

At the hospital, Sam tells Pilar that he has to leave, but knows a way to stop Ethan from killing someone. He says Theresa, she'll know how to stop him, but Pilar says Theresa nothing that Theresa can do. Sam heads off to find Theresa as Pilar looks worried.

Gwen talks with Ethan and they both are wondering why Ivy crawled downstairs. Ethan thinks that it had something to do with Rebecca and Julian.

In Ivy's cubicle, Theresa tells Ivy that she doesn't want to hurt her, but she gives her no choice. Theresa begins to flick the lighter, but backs down. Theresa, again says I'm sorry Mrs. Crane, but you give me know choice as Sam walks in and says choice to do what, Theresa. Theresa covers up and assures Sam that she'll stop Ethan and Sam leaves.

Rebecca talks to the pilot on the phone while Julian to Harper. Julian says I just figured out how to get rid of three wives with one cigarette lighter. We learn the he plans to blow up Rebecca as well. Rebecca goes up to Julian and he says pumpkin. She says don't pumpkin, me. Julian tells Rebecca that he married Theresa in Bermuda and she attacks him. He tells her that Theresa stalked him, got him drunk, and married him. Rebecca doesn't believe him at first, but says she is a gold digger. Rebecca says where is that little gold digger. He says I believe she's in Ivy's cubicle. Rebecca marches in there. Harper figures it out and Julian says bravo Harper. Ethan, Gwen, and Pilar turn the corner and want to know where Theresa is. Julian says Theresa I don't know where she is. In Ivy's cubicle, Theresa lights the lighter as Rebecca walks in and says what in the as there is a shot of the oxygen tank and it explodes.

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