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Passions Update Thurs. 11/8/01 --Canada; Fri. 11/9/01 -- USA

By Glynis

Theresa is getting ready to burn Ivy’s fingers to get the marriage license out of her hands. She doesn’t realize that the lighter will cause an explosion if she lights it near the oxygen tank in Ivy’s room. Julian has set her up very well and he and Harper watch as Theresa musters up the courage to burn Ivy’s fingers. Theresa pleads with Ivy to open her hand and give her the marriage license. Theresa is talking to Ivy and explaining why she married Julian and would like her secret kept a secret. She will tear the fax up and she will get an annulment and everything will be fine for her to get married to Ethan. Ivy won’t open her hand at all.

Rebecca is ordering the pilot to keep the jet on the tarmac for she and Mr. Crane. Julian sees Rebecca nearby and comes up with a way that he can kill 3 wives in a single thrust. Harper can’t believe that Julian wants to kill Rebecca too. Alistair will be pleased that there will be no more threats to the Crane name. Rebecca walks up to Julian and asks him again what it is going to be. She has had it with being patient with all his stalling. Julian agrees with her. He admits that he has been putting off the marriage but not because he doesn't love her, it is because he is already married to someone else. Rebecca doesn’t believe that Ivy is still his wife. Julian tells her that Ivy is not the one that he is married to. Rebecca is finding this hard to believe. She wants more details. She figures it out and then starts attacking Julian like never before. She ends her attack by pulling her gun on Julian. He tells Rebecca that Theresa took advantage of Julian’s vulnerability and married him without his knowledge. He says that Theresa will not give him a divorce unless he gives her the entire Crane fortune. He swears that he is telling the truth. He points out that Theresa followed him to Bermuda and that was the reason why. Rebecca wants to know where Theresa is and Julian tells her that Theresa is in Ivy’s cubicle. Rebecca goes off to confront Theresa for stealing her man. Harper can tell that Julian only sent Rebecca off to get her killed in the explosion that is bound to happen when Theresa lights that lighter and blows all three women to kingdom come.

Grace is still waiting at the station with David for Sam. She is sure that Sam went to the hospital for Ethan. David is trying to break that though in Grace’s head. She gets angry with David for picking on Sam. David apologizes. There is nothing that would have kept David from her that night. She already knows what he is telling her. He leaves to get her some reading for her trip. Grace thinks to herself, "Please don’t do this to me Sam." David returns and again Grace is sure that Sam would never stand her up.

Sam thinks that Theresa will be able to help Ethan is anything goes wrong. He goes off to find her to talk to her to get her to help.

Tabitha and Timmy are walking around and carrying rope looking for Kay who has turned into a black panther. Tabitha thinks that Kay is wanting to be captured so that she can be turned into her old self.

Ethan finds Pilar and asks her why she said that he was going to kill someone. Pilar laughs that off and Ethan thinks that maybe Sam misunderstood her and what she was trying to say to him. He is looking for Theresa and Pilar reminds him that Theresa loves him.

Theresa is about to burn Ivy’s hand when Sam shows up behind her and asks her what she is doing. Theresa cups the lighter in her hand and hides it before she turns to face Sam. She turns and they talk about Ivy’s health. Ivy talks out in her sleep. Sam thinks that she is reliving the trauma of finding out that Ethan is really Sam’s son. That was in the past and they have to concentrate on the future. Sam warns her that Ethan may go off the deep end. Theresa seems to know what Sam was talking about. Sam begs her to tell him but she has little to say more than she has. She promises to watch over Ethan and that makes Sam feel much better. Sam tells her that he knows that Ivy will come around once she realizes that Theresa is really a good person for Ethan. Sam leaves and Theresa turns to Ivy again knowing now that she has to get the license.

Sheridan is at the beach hoping that the warm water will relax her. She may be able to put the bits and pieces of her mind together. She thinks of her old love as she swims. Why did it have to end? They were so happy… Luis comes to the same beach and finds the skirt to Sheridan’s bathing suit hanging on a branch. He thinks that he knows who this belongs to. He thinks that he is being stupid. Everything that he touches reminds him of Sheridan. He gets in the water. He remembers that the last time that he saw her she was smiling…Sheridan is swimming and something strange seems to be happening to her in the water. She is pulled under for a moment and then again. She starts calling for help. Luis hears her, "Someone is calling for help."

The kids are looking for the black panther not knowing that it is Kay. They find the panther and Miguel tells it that they know that he is an evil creature and he has to be destroyed. Kay’s hands are starting to come back. She has to leave so that she can turn into herself in private. She finds a way out of there and escapes as the children follow…She doesn’t’ want the kids to see her hands changing back to human form. She can’t let that happen. As she runs, the children follow. The Animal people arrive and tell the kids to leave because there is a panther loose. They are from the zoo. They are sure that the panther will kill in a second. The kids have to stand back and let the men do their jobs. They are going to shoot the panther if they find it. Kay suddenly gets what is going on and panics…Tabitha and Timmy are in the area and they find Kay who is standing behind them. They talk to her, but she only sits and growls at them. Kay seems really into being a scary cat. Timmy growls back at Kay. Timmy can play scary kitty too. Tabitha tells Timmy to put the rope around Kay’s neck. Timmy is not scared to do that and he slowly walks to the cat.

Sam is in the cop car with the siren going. He is making his way to Grace as fast as he can.

Rebecca finds Theresa in Ivy’s cubicle and she is holding Ivy’s hand for some reason. Rebecca is about to interrupt her when suddenly, there is an explosion.

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