Passions Update Wednesday 11/07/01



Passions Update Wednesday 11/7/01

By Glynis

Grace is still waiting for Sam at the train station and David is with her. She is sure that Sam wants to go on the trip with her as
much as she wants to go with him. David doesn’t want her to be disappointed. He couldn’t ignore Pilar’s call. Maybe he is
confused about the time that the train is leaving. David tells her that if he was going away with her he wouldn’t forget the time.
David goes to get Grace a cup of coffee. Grace remembers telling David that Ivy is in Sam’s past. David remembers that most
people never get over their first love. Maybe that is true for Sam. Ivy was his first love. Grace did once hear Sam talking to Ivy
when she was sick. He was telling her that the reason that they were not together was because she never came back to him.
Grace hopes that he would hurry up and get to the train station. David returns and he is skeptical that Sam is going to return to
make the trip. Grace is sure that he is going to show up. He is a man of his word. David finds her very courageous. Sam has let
her down before. David hopes that this doesn’t end up being another one of those letdowns. Grace is sure that Sam will be there.
the trip is as important to him as it is to her. The announcer calls for Grace’s train and Sam is not there. Grace is sure that Sam will
still make it.

Gwen shows up at the hospital with her mother and they want Ethan to know that they are there for him. Ethan knows that
Rebecca hates his mother. He is not buying anything that she says. Rebecca has brought her gun to the hospital to remind Julian
that they are supposed to be getting married.

Julian has a great idea on how to get rid of 2 birds with one stone. Ivy’s room has oxygen in it and he thinks that maybe he will be
able to blow the both of them up with a flame from his lighter. Julian goes to Ivy’s room and calls to Theresa to come to him. He
shows her the lighter and tells her to burn the fax while Ivy is holding it in her hand. That is the damning evidence that will do them
in. Ivy is holding the marriage license. Theresa thinks that it is terrible to do that to a sick woman… Ethan walks by and Theresa
runs to him. Harper thinks that she is misguided. They have to get that fax. Julian’s phone rings and it is his father calling in to tell
Julian that he has to get Theresa to sign the annulment papers. Alistair thinks that Julian is pathetic. He orders that Julian get rid of
all three of the women. He has to do whatever it takes. If Julian doesn’t do it, he will be out of the family. Alistair shoots off a gun
to make his point. Things are getting worse. Julian looks up and sees Rebecca and Gwen walking that hospital halls. Rebecca finds
him and tells him that he will marry her that night or she will shoot him. She has a whole story planned out and she even shows him
the gun. Julian tells her that he can’t run off and marry someone when Ivy is sick. Rebecca tells him that he better worry about her
and not Alistair this time.

Pilar tries to keep Sam in town and tells him that there is going to be a murder. She doesn’t’ have the details to continue talking like
that. Sam has to go.

Theresa talks to Ethan and he can see that she is broken up by something. He guesses that she is feeling bad that Ivy is ill.
Theresa thinks back to her confrontation with Ivy. She disabled the wheelchair and told Ivy that she wouldn’t let her do this. Sam
comes to talk to Ethan for a private discussion. Theresa leaves them alone. Ethan reports that Ivy is going to be fine. She is very
strong. Sam wanted to know if there is anything else that Ethan wants to talk to him about. Ethan can’t think of anything. He isn’t
upset about anything. Julian has been infuriating but that is nothing new. He remembers when Julian was his father not paying
attention to everything that Julian was. Sam asks him if he is going to kill anyone. Ethan is shocked at the question. Why would he
do that? Sam doesn’t’ know why he is asking that question. Sam tells him that Pilar is thinking that something may make him angry
enough to kill someone. She will not tell Sam who may be killed. Ethan wouldn’t hurt anyone. If anyone else but Pilar told Sam this
he would ignore what was said. Sam can see that Ethan is not going to do anything rash. Sam was just making sure. Ethan
appreciates his concern. Sam has to take off now. Ethan knows that someone hurting Theresa would make him want to kill

Sam goes to Pilar and assures her that Ethan has no inclination of killing anyone. Pilar still looks like she has something on her
mind. What is it? What is it that you think will make Ethan snap? She has to help him. He has to go and meet Grace rihgt now.
Sam is sure that Ethan will not hurt anyone but he has to meet Grrace, but Grace is his life and soon he will hv eto go

Kay is messing with the spell book and causes a black panther to appear in the house. The kids hide. Simone calls for Kay who
may be upstairs. The kids all go running outside, past Tabitha and Timmy who are hiding in the bushes. They feel that they have to
find Kay before the children do. They have to make sure that no one finds out that they turned her into a monster. They have to
beat Miguel in finding Kay.

Julian goes to Theresa again and asks her to burn Ivy to get her to release the fax in her hand. Theresa has to weigh the gain.
Should she singe Ivy or live life without Ethan? She only has to give Ivy a tiny little burn so that she will drop the paper. Theresa
goes in and looks at Gwen lying helplessly. Harper goes to Julian and tells him to think twice about what he is doing. The second
that Theresa flicks the switch on the lighter, there is going to be a terrible explosion. Theresa hates that she is going to be put in
such a terrible position. She doesn’t like this but she is going to do it. She takes the lighter in her hand and she walks into Ivy’s
room. Julian and Harper watch her walk over to the bed. Theresa talks to Ivy. "So sorry Mrs. Crane". She holds Ivy’s hand up and
gets ready to light the lighter near her hand and more importantly near the oxygen tank.

Gwen is not happy that her mother is walking around with a gun in her purse. She thought that her mother would behave better
than that. Gwen is sure that her mother is right. Something is strange with Ivy, Theresa and Ethan. Gwen is getting a sense of
something being wrong and she may get Ethan back and she wants that. Rebecca is glad to see the fighting spirit in her daughter.
Rebecca tells her to strike when an opportunity arises.

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