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Passions Update Tues. 11/6/01--Canada; Wed. 11/7/01 --USA

By Glynis

Reese catches Tabitha and Timmy in disguise. Once again he tells the kids that Tabitha is a witch. Miguel tells Reese to give things a rest. Tabitha pretends that she is taking her doll out to a costume party and that is why they are dressed. She goes around the side of the house and tells Timmy that they really don’t have a party to go to. It is Halloween and they are going to take advantage of it. They are going to conjure up some spells. Timmy thinks that she has cooked up enough trouble lately. They head over to the graveyard and start mixing a brew. They are going to use Kay to do their dirty work. Kay apparently has some powers and they are going to coax the powers out of her. "Hemlock and Heather Bay….Bring Kay into the fold, bring her into our side." The book of spells disappears from where Timmy and Tabitha are and appears where Kay will easily find the book.

Grace understands that Sam has to go and be with his son, even if Ivy is there. She tries to explain that to David. The kids arrive and Grace explains that she is still going on her trip but will be stopping at the hospital first. Kay is rude to David because she remembers David trying to get it on with her mother. David leaves the room and Charity gets a feeling from him walking by her. She has to sit down and the kids all gather around her. She is alright. Something strange came over her. She doesn’t need any help. Charity had another premonition of …She refuses to say what it was. She thinks that she is okay but the premonition was terrible.

Ivy is in the hospital and she is clutching the copy of the marriage license. Ethan tells his mother that Theresa is there and Ivy’s heart rate goes flying through the roof. Theresa panics and leaves the room with Pilar. Theresa is worried that Ivy is going to expose her to Ethan. Theresa had to disable Ivy’s wheelchair. She wasn’t trying to hurt Ivy, she was only trying to stop the inevitable. Getting the marriage license from Ivy won’t matter because Ivy still knows the truth and will tell Ethan the second that she awakes. Theresa talks to Ethan about getting married right away. Ethan tells her that he is going to do the wedding right and they are going to wait for Ivy to revive herself.

Grace calls Sam and he tells her that Ivy will be fine but he hasn’t had a chance to see Ethan yet. Grace finds that a little strange. She is waiting at the station now with David. David hears her conversation and can tell that Ivy has been the priority and not Ethan. Grace understands what is going on with Sam. David finds her making all the sacrifices. Sam makes none of the sacrifices. What bond could Sam have with Ethan? Grace has been his wife for 20 years. It is getting late. Sam will be there, Grace is sure of it.

Alistair lets .Julian have it in the office. He tells .Julian that Ivy needs to be taken care of. .Julian has no idea how to fix his problems. Alistair warns him that he has to get himself out of this mess or there will be hell to pay.

Sam walks in and Ethan instinctively calls him dad. Sam likes that. They don’t’ understand why Ivy dragged herself down the stairs. What was so important? Eve knows that dragging herself down the stairs was very painful and she must have known that she would end up in the hospital. Ivy is still clutching the marriage license. Ethan suddenly understands. "Wait a minute! I know the reason." Theresa panics. Ivy is still wearing her wedding ring and she knew that .Julian and Rebecca were getting married downstairs and she wanted to stop the wedding. Theresa wanted to explain to Ivy but Ivy wouldn’t listen to her. Ivy told her that she was going to show the license to Rebecca. Ivy was going to get revenge on Ivy, Rebecca and .Julian all at once. Ivy was very determined. Ivy was going to fix things so that Theresa would never marry the prince ever. Eve tells them all that Ivy needs her rest and that they have to leave. Theresa asks to sit with Mrs. Crane a while longer. Eve allows it and Ethan thinks that Theresa is a wonderful person. He leaves. Soon she is alone and she closes the curtain to Ivy’s room. She then goes over to Ivy and tries to pry her fingers open to get the damning evidence… .Julian and Harper arrive at the hospital and they get Theresa to come out of the room to sign the papers for the annulment. Theresa tells him that she is not going to sign the papers. She will only sign it if .Julian gets the marriage license out of Ivy’s hand. Theresa goes back into Ivy’s room and talks to Ivy quietly to make her open her hand. Ivy hears her but she doesn’t answer out loud but in her mind. "I will never let you have the license. I am going to get Ethan to learn about you."… .Julian sees that there is oxygen in the room and Harper tells him that if there is a flame near that oxygen tank, everything will be blown sky high. .Julian sees that as one of his answers to his problems. That will also get rid of Theresa and Ivy in the process. He smiles and takes out his lighter.

Kay and Simone talk and Reese asks Simone for a dance but Kay doesn’t want to dance. Simone dances with Reese instead. Kay gets up and remembers David and Grace kissing. That made her very angry. Grace tells her that she was the one that let David kiss her. Charity’s premonition came true. Kay is realizing that being good gets you nowhere. She is going to make Miguel hers. She hears a spooky voice calling her. ‘Come here…come here." She slowly follows the voice. Charity gets a message. "The book of evil, stay away of it."

Sam has a moment with Eve and he tells her that he is happy that Ethan called him dad by accident. Pilar walks by and Sam runs to her. Why was she so worried before? Pilar can’t say anymore right now. She wants him to trust her on this. Ethan is going to need him. Pilar is not giving him enough. He is leaving tonight to go away on his trip. Pilar doesn’t want to take Sam away from Grace, but something could happen this night and if Sam is not there to stop it, Ethan’s life will be destroyed. Ethan walks up and thanks Sam for being there for him. Sam wants to know if all is okay with his son and Ethan assures him that everything is great and Theresa is really great right now. He leaves to make a call. Sam turns to Pilar again. He is missing something. Ethan seems fine to him and not like a man heading for destruction. Pilar has nothing to say so Sam tells her that he is going to the train station to meet his wife. If she will not tell him what is going on he will leave. Finally, Pilar comes up with a story. She says that if Ivy dies, his son will be charged with murder. Sam turns to her unbelievingly.

Kay goes to the attic and finds the book of spells and she reads the heading and opens it up to see what it offers.

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