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Passions Update Monday 11/5/01-Canada Tuesday 11/6/01-USA

By Glynis

Ethan finds Ivy out of her wheelchair on the floor. She apparently crawled out of her chair to get to .Julian’s wedding. Theresa knows that Ivy was trying to tell everyone about the wedding between Theresa and .Julian. She really wants to tell Ethan the truth. Pilar is there and Theresa tells her privately that she damaged the wheelchair to stop Ivy from telling everyone the truth. Ivy has a copy of the marriage license in her hands and she is going to tell Ethan everything. They see the crumpled document in Ivy’s hand as Ethan tries to revive her. .Julian tells Theresa to go over to Ivy and get the crumpled document from Ivy’s clenched fist. Theresa goes over to the body and as Gwen watches closely Theresa tries to open Ivy’s hand. Gwen asks her, "Theresa why are you trying to open Ivy’s hand?"…Harper can see that Rebecca still wants to be married more than anything. Tabitha and Timmy are dressed in disguise and eating waiting for the wedding to take place… Theresa says that she was just trying to get Ivy to relax. The paramedics arrive and have to take Ivy in. Dr. Russell will meet them at the hospital. Ethan will go ahead and Theresa will meet him there later… Theresa tells .Julian that she was unable to get the fax from Ivy’s grasp. Pilar tells Theresa that she needs to put Ethan’s feelings ahead of her own. Theresa agrees to do that. On her way out, .Julian and Harper want Theresa to sign papers but Rebecca is too suspicious and watching so they will just have to get the papers signed later. Theresa leaves the house…Tabitha dressed as a limo driver tells a guest that there are germs in the house and that they should leave right away. Guests soon start leaving the house in droves. Rebecca sees everyone leaving and gets very upset… Pilar leaves the house and calls Sam. She tells Sam that she is at the Crane mansion and Ivy was just taken to the hospital. They are not sure what is happening. Sam tells her that Grace and he are going away for a trip. He doesn’t’ want to go to the hospital. Pilar tells him that he should be there for Ethan. Something is going to happen that might change Ethan’s life and Sam should be there for him. Pilar implores him to go to the hospital. Pilar can’t say anymore. His son is going to need him that night and that is all that he has to know. David is listening in on the phone calls and has a telescope pointed out of the window. He is spying on Sam and Grace. He hears when Sam tells Grace that if he goes to the hospital they will not be able to go on their trip. David likes that.


'Diana' finds Brian while walking one night. She had the feeling that the man that she loved was on the beach. She had the strongest feeling that the man was alive. Brian feels that her mind is playing tricks. He thinks that they should go dancing and forget about all this. They walk off… Luis appears and Liz finds him. He thinks that he saw his fiancée walking on the beach. Liz remembers that he said that his fiancée was dead. He misses the woman that he loves and Liz wishes that he had come with her and her friends to have a nice time. She tells him that he is to come with her and have a drink. He doesn't want to go but she tells him that he should have one drink and then he can go.


Grace has made her decision. She wants to stay with Sam. He should go. Grace figured out a way that she could learn more about her past. She wants him to write down what he remembers. She hands him some notebooks. He could mail the notebooks to her. He is not sure that he will have access to a phone. He reluctantly agrees. He has to go and pack. Eve and TC think that Grace has made the right decision. They get a call for Eve. It is the hospital. She has to go right away. She gets her things and realizes that the cell phone was turned off. TC offers to drive her to the hospital. They leave not knowing what the emergency was about. Sam only wants to think of their trip together. Grace says that he should stop by the hospital and she will meet him at the station. He promises to meet her at the station. No one is going to stop them from taking their trip together. David promises to try to stop them from going on their trip. Sam leaves the house and Tabitha and Timmy see him go. Tabitha and Timmy also see David heading over to Grace’s house. He walks in and she is startled by him. She tells him that they found out that Sam has gone to be with Ethan because of his mother. Ethan is worried about Ivy, but Sam is gone to be with Ivy. David was wondering if Sam was really gone to be with Ethan or to be with Ivy.


Luis and Liz arrive at the bar and Liz offers to get him a drink. He sits at the bar as she pours him a drink. Brian and 'Diana' are dancing and Liz points out her friends as they dance. Luis turns to see these friends of Liz’s. Liz points them out to him. He doesn’t see the dancing friends and decides to go back to his room. Liz would like him to stay but he really wants to go. HE leaves. The music turns to the tango which was the music and dance that Sheridan loved to dance with Luis to. Brian dances with 'Diana' and can’t help notice how well she dances the tango. She has a flashback of her dancing the tango with Luis. Brian can see that something is wrong. As Luis is leaving he thinks that he has seen .Sheridan in a mirror. He turns his head to check if she is really there. "Sheridan?" He still doesn’t see her and tells himself that Sheridan is gone and she isn’t coming back. Luis is outside wondering why he feels that Sheridan is so near all the time. Maybe this is happening because he never got to say goodbye to her.


'Diana' thinks that she should just go back to her room. Brian offers to walk her there. He leaves to say goodbye to Liz. Brian takes her back home and she kisses him on the cheek. She goes out on her patio and doesn’t realize that she is in the room next to Luis. There is only a rosebush separating them both on their respective patios.


Rebecca wants to know what happened to her wedding. Harper tells her that everyone is gone including the Rabbi, (which is Timmy dressed up as a Rabbi). .Julian sees Timmy outside and the disguise falls off. .Julian realizes that the rabbi was really the doll that he keeps seeing every once in a while. They all go running outside. Rebecca and Gwen go back inside and .Julian tells Harper again that the doll was outside and he saw him again. .Julian is sure that soon he is going to be a dead man.


Ethan tells Eve at the hospital that Ivy fell out of her chair. Eve is shocked to hear that. Theresa arrives with her mother. They don’t’ know how Ivy is doing at that moment. Eve tells them that they can go and see Ivy if they want to. The three visitors go into the room and Ivy is still out of it. Ethan tells his mother that Theresa is there. she is still clutching the marriage license in her hand and Theresa can see a bit of it sticking out of her palm. Ivy keeps saying Theresa’s name with .Julian’s and Ethan wants to know why that is. Theresa is sure that it is over now. She is bound to be found out. It is over, it is over.

Rebecca knows that something is going on between .Julian and Theresa. Somehow the hospital has something to do with it. She is going to find out what is going on.


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