Passions Update Wednesday 10/31/01



Passions Update Wednesday 10/31/01

By Eva

In Bermuda, "Diana" goes to Lover's Leap looking for her scarf. Luis notices the scarf stuck to a tree branch and strains to grab it when he finally grabs it he slips and falls over but grabs on to the tree and pulls himself back up.  He wonders who the scarf belongs to and smells it he thinks it smells like Sheridan but that is impossible because she is dead.  Luis puts the scarf down in case the person who owns it should come looking for it.  Luis sees Beth's boat and goes to check it out seconds after he leaves "Diana arrives looking for her scarf.

From his home office Julian calls Theresa to let her know the annulment papers have finally arrived.

In Ivy's bedroom, Ivy eagerly waits on the all important fax while Theresa once again tries to make amends to Ivy. Theresa tells Ivy she will never lie to Ethan again.

In Julian's home office, Julian continues to worry about Tabitha and Timmy because anytime Tabitha and her live doll show up something bad always happens.

In Bermuda, Liz tells Brian it won't be long before "Diana" remembers her past but Brian continues to hope that by the time "Diana" remembers her past she will be so much in love with him she won't want to leave Bermuda.  Brian tells Liz the only difficult problem he has is making "Diana" forget the man she loved.  Liz warns Brian "no woman can ever forget the man she was in love with."

Meanwhile at the Crane mansion, Ethan tries to get Julian to postpone his wedding to Rebecca until the divorce between he and Ivy is settled.  Ethan tells Julian that he will take whatever steps are necessary to protect his mother's interests.  Julian tells him there is nothing that he can do to stop this wedding because all the Judges are in the Crane back pocket.

In Ivy's bedroom, Ivy is extremely happy to see a fax of Julian and Theresa's marriage license.  When Theresa starts to leave Ivy tells her to stay because there is something she wants to say to her.

In Bermuda, Brian worries because "Diana" has been gone too long.  Brian thinks "Diana" may have been upset because being on the boat brought back memories of the man "Diana" loved.

On the boat, Luis feels Sheridan's presence nearby but dismisses the thought as wishful thinking.

Outside the Crane mansion, Tabitha and Timmy get ready to go in to search Tabitha's lair for the herbs which will help Kay steal Miguel from Charity.

Inside the Crane mansion, Ethan asks Julian what he has to gain by marrying Rebecca so soon unless it is revenge on Ivy for having an affair with Sam and hiding the fact that Ethan was Sam's son.  Julian tells Ethan that he will never forgive Ivy for taking away his only son.  Julian mutters under his breath "I wonder where Theresa is" Ethan hears him and wants to know why he wants to see Theresa.  Julian covers and says he wanted to invite Ethan and Theresa to the wedding.  Ethan turns him down given the situation with his mother.  

In Ivy's room, Ivy once again goes over the long list of things that have happened in Ethan and (Ivy's) life since "Theresa" sent the email to the tabloid but this time Ivy pretends to forgive Theresa. Theresa thanks Mrs. Crane for her forgiveness and understanding.  Ivy want to know why Theresa went to Bermuda and what happened between Theresa and Julian.

Elsewhere in the mansion, Harper tells Julian that the Judge won't be able to perform the ceremony because he broke his leg and is in surgery. Julian tells Harper that he must hurry and find somebody else to perform the ceremony because he must get married today.  Julian is frightened to see Tabitha and Timmy arrive for the wedding he demands that Harper throw them out.  Tabitha comes up with a new plan to get back in the mansion.

In Bermuda, Brian invites "Diana" to dinner which he has personally cooked "Diana" accepts his invitation and goes upstairs to take a shower.  Luis arrives seconds after Brian leaves and asks Liz what his room number is she gives him room 9.  When "Diana" closes the door to her room (room number 6) the number is loose so it turns upside down to look like a 9.

Meanwhile at the Crane mansion, Gwen confides to Ethan that she is worried about her mother marrying Julian.  Gwen also tells Ethan that he is making a big mistake marrying Theresa because deep down she is just as manipulative as Theresa and she will only hurt him.  Ethan refuses to believe something like that could be true about Theresa.

In Ivy's bedroom, Theresa tells Ivy that she went to Bermuda to persuade Julian to let Ethan back into the family and he said he would think about it.  Ivy says she heard something else happened between Theresa and Julian.  Theresa says she has no idea what she is talking about and starts to leave again.  When Theresa says good-bye Mrs. Crane Ivy asks "what did you call me Theresa" when Theresa says Mrs. Crane Ivy shouts "don't call me Mrs. Crane Theresa because as you well know you are Mrs. Crane Mrs. Julian Crane."  Theresa has a look of pain on her face and tears begin to well up in her eyes.

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