Passions Update Monday 10/29/01



Passions Update Monday 10/29/01

By Eva

 On the airplane, Luis opens the envelope given to him by Beth which contains pictures of Beth's boat.  When he looks at pictures of the boat he remembers the last day he spent with Sheridan on the boat he rented.  

In Bermuda, While "Diana" helps Brian clean Beth's boat she has a brief memory flash of the man she loved being electrocuted.  "Diana" tells Brian that the memory flash was so brief she can't remember exactly what she saw but she is more positive then ever that the man she loved is dead.  

Meanwhile at the Crane mansion, Gwen helps her mother get ready for the wedding.  Gwen is surprised when her mother tucks a gun under her dress.  Gwen asks her mother why she still wants to marry Julian knowing what kind of man he is doesn't she care about love.  Rebecca tells Gwen that she loves Julian in her own way and she will do anything she has to become Mrs. Crane today even if she has to force Julian to marry her at gunpoint.

In Julian's office at home, Julian and Theresa wait nervously for Harper to arrive with the annulment papers.  Julian makes Theresa an indecent proposal, he tells her that after they get their marriage annulled and he marries Rebecca he will get an apartment where they can meet secretly for romantic rendezvous.  Theresa is disgusted and angry she says that she never would have married him if she hadn't been drunk.

In Ivy's room, Ivy urges her son to promise her that he will break his engagement to Theresa if he finds out she has lied to him again.  Ethan is hesitant to make the promise but finally agrees to break his engagement to Theresa if he finds out she has lied to him again.  

In Julian's home office, Harper arrives without the papers but he tells Julian and Theresa the papers should arrive before his wedding to Rebecca.

In Bermuda, Brian tries to help "Diana " remember the man she loved but when "Diana" becomes frustrated he urges her to let the man go and get on with her life since having memories of someone who died will only hurt her more.  "Diana" tells Brian that she can't get on with her life because she has no one.  Brian tells her she's got him.  

Meanwhile at Tabitha's house, Timmy picks out an outfit for Julian's wedding while Tabitha tries to come up with a plan to get into Hecuba's lair to help Kay get Miguel away from charity.  Tabitha isn't planning to watch Julian's wedding but Timmy convinces her not too miss it.  

In Bermuda, As Luis gets closer to the island "Diana" has a strange feeling as she watches the plane that Luis's on flying overhead.

In Ivy's bedroom, Ivy tries to get her son to believe her suspicions that Julian and Theresa were married in Bermuda.  Ethan refuses to believe her and begs his mother to make amends with Theresa.

In Rebecca's room, Gwen fears that it may be too late for her and Ethan.  Rebecca assures her daughter that once Theresa is out of the picture Ethan will remember how much he loved her. Rebecca will then persuade Julian to adopt Ethan and both mother and daughter will be Mrs. Crane.  

Ethan opens the door to Julian's office and is surprised to find Theresa. Julian and his lawyer are hiding so he doesn't see them.  Theresa covers with Ethan and tells him she was looking for Pillar.  Ethan tells her to go upstairs to talk to his mother.  

In Bermuda, "Diana" remembers standing near a rose bush with the man she loved.  

Meanwhile at Tabitha's house, Charity dreams that Miguel is making love to Kay she tosses and turns and shouts no Miguel no.  When she finishes her dream a voice warns her that someone other than Kay is helping Kay take Miguel away from her and she should be on guard.  When Charity wants to know the identity of the person the voice repeats someone close by be on guard.  Charity wakes and shouts No.  

Meanwhile downstairs, Simone once again tries to persuade her friend not to try to get Miguel away from Charity.  Kay remains determined to get Miguel.  Miguel arrives and asks Kay to help plan Charity's 18th Birthday party.  Before Kay can answer Miguel hears Charity screaming and all three friends rush upstairs to check on her.  

Meanwhile at the Crane mansion, Julian decides to buy Rebecca expensive Jewelry so he can try to persuade her to postpone the wedding.

In Ivy's room, Jerry calls Ivy to report that he has been unable to get any information from the Justice of the peace.  Ivy orders him to do anything he has to to get the information.  

In Rebecca's room, Julian gives her a specially made and very expensive ankle bracelet. He tells Rebecca that he is having another bracelet made for her other ankle but since it isn't ready maybe they should postpone the wedding.  Rebecca says this wedding is going to happen today.  Julian is frightened when he sees the gun tucked under Rebecca's dress.  Rebecca sends Julian downstairs to get ready for the wedding.  

In Ivy's room, Theresa asks for Ivy's forgiveness but instead Ivy blames Theresa for everything bad that has happened in her life.  

In Bermuda, Jerry tries to convince the Justice of the peace to spill the beans after much arm twisting The Justice of the peace tells Jerry everything.  After hearing the whole story Jerry calls Ivy who listens intently to the information.

On the boat, Brian tells "Diana" he loves her and gives her a kiss as Luis arrives on the island.  

In Tabitha's house, Charity tells Miguel about her dream as Kay and Simone watch.
Downstairs Tabitha and Timmy are heading towards the door to go to Julian's wedding but a strong gust of wind blows a huge tree and sends it crashing through the window pinning Tabitha and Timmy under its branches.

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